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  • katie r katie r Jun 26, 2012 09:33 Flag

    Hodgson: 'Rooney failed to perform'

    when you need your big players to lead by example, rooney didn't perform again. im beginning to think if rooney deserves a starting berth in the side, thing is is he good enough at this level?
    just take a minute and look back on his pathetic showing in south africa and the recent england games against the top international sides, rooney was average in those games. should rooney be benched for the good of the team?

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    • "Well, at least we can't blame any Spurs players , except Modric, who was crap for Croatia."


      4.Luka Modric could walk into any other national team in the world, that’s a fact. He was just fantastic throughout this tournament. Against Spain he had shown he could easily walk into their team, finishing the game with a pass accuracy of 80% and completing 5 dribbles passed opponents more than any other player on the park. A fantastic talent that Tottenham will now struggle to keep hold off.

      but no, u know best ian. modric was crap!

    • "All yout post does spursbabe is show your ignorance of football"

      id say the same about your post devon.

      injury or lack of match fitness doesnt completley excuse not doing the basics. so in 2010 WC the reason rooney was mis controlling the ball & doing poor passing was because of an ankle injury he was carrying?
      rooney mis timing his jumps is because he hasnt been jumping in proper matches.

      yes, thats what u are actually saying!

      we all know utd players can do no wrong devon.

      so lets just stick to young, welbeck & rooney we're awesome.
      if rio & jones had played we would have walked it!

      everything utd is great!

    • My sentiments exactly.

    • To be honest, i was surprised that England managed to get out of the group stages, given the evident lack of quality in the squad and with the way they've been playing. Simply put, they've punched above their weight.

    • No he should,nt be benched ,HE SHOULD BE DUMPED LIKE HIS MATE RIO.

    • Shouldn't you be blaming Sir Alex for England's dismal showing layla ? United should be playing stereotype, boring football like England, and not the free-flowing attacking football , which has won them 49 trophies since nasty Sir Alex took control. You have to agree with that layla.

    • Well, at least we can't blame any Spurs players , except Modric, who was crap for Croatia.

    • All yout post does spursbabe is show your ignorance of football. Why do you think once a squad is selected international teams play friendlies even though there is the risk of players picking up injuries? Every international manager knows that if a player goes too long without a game he loses his edge. And if you knew anything about England you would know that Rooney went in to the 2010 world cup carrying an ankle injury that he picked up playing against bayern munich in the CL. If you want to blame anything blame the shortage of quality players and the resulting over reliance on certain individuals which has seen those individuals picked even though commonsense says that because of injury or lack of match fitness they should be left at home. If Pirlo had ended the season carrying an injury and was banned for the first 2 games of the tournament do you think Italy would have named him in their squad? My guess is no, because they would have had other players who although perhaps not as good as Pirlo were still good enough to do a credible job in his role. England don`t have that sort of depth and not just when it comes to Rooney. They didn`t even have a suitable replacement for Wilshere or even Lampard which is why they selected Henderson a player who would struggle to get in to the backup squad to the backup squad of the top international teams in Europe.

    • also devon, whats your new excuse u are going to make up for rooneys shocking WC 2010 performances?

      i guess not fully fit for all 4 games.

      i mean fit enough to play but not fit enough to be able to do basic passing,control,shooting & heading!

      pretty cringing stuff devon, watching u come up with any excuse possible to defend rooney.

    • thats poor excuse devon.

      surely he doesnt need to be playing matches to be able to time a jump for a header? surely even without matches he should be able to do basic passing & control?

      i bet the likes of xavi could pass & control fine even if he hadnt played a match recentley.

      dont they do any heading,passing & controlling in training devon?

      obviously matches is different but id expect top level players to be able to do basic passing,controlling & heading id they had been training everyday.

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