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  • Thankfully he appears to have been left out of the Olympic squad. Given that he now finds it difficult to cope with playing in the MLS a berth in the Olympic squad would merely have shown how much he has faded in the last 18 months. According to reports the 3 overage players are Giggs, Bellamy and Micah Richards - good to see that at least somebody recognises the latter`s qualities. Richards should have been in the Euro squad

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    • You don't like the truth Alan, the English supported Scotland in '78, whether you like it or not, just like the riots that ended the annual England Vs Scotland matches were from the Scots.

      You lot need to grow up before you even consider getting out from under England's apron.

    • Richards refused to put himself on the standby list for the Euros, which is why he was not picked. Presumably he preferred going on holiday to putting in some training in the hopes of getting his chance. Showing that lack of desire I think it’s a good thing he did not go, and not sure he's very deserving of an Olympic spot either.

    • you mean English team and what a load of twaddle every Englishman and his dog cheered on Scotland at the 78 world cup

    • I agree about Micah Richards. On what grounds have the other two been chosen? Are they the best that Britain has to offer who didn't play in the Euros? Or have they just been chosen because they are not English?


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      • Robert > the cynic in me says you are right Giggs and Bellamy have been recruited to legitimise it being called a GB team and that Wales FA cannot impose any kind of real sanction against them. I can see why Giggsy and Bellamy would go and they just about are viable,as its there last decent sized international opportunity for them, But if they love Wales then they shouldn't take part, and if Fletcher went, as a Scot I wouldn't have been too happy. As the other Home Nations have held back I can only presume FIFA Weren't willing to issue a cast iron protection to the countries, that they would have to amalgamate into an UK association in the future. Which is why it is Galling to have listened to the likes of Stuart Pearce ignoring those nations decisions and I have no polite word for his behaviour