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  • United confirmed today that Rafael has signed a new 4 year contract at the club.

    Meanwhile, his brother Fabio has also officially gone to QPR on a season long loan.

    Hoping for better luck with injuries for both of these lads next season. I still rate them both highly. Rafael should really make the rightback slot his own next season.

    As for Fabio, if he stays fit and gets into the QPR team consistently, then it should do wonders for his development, something we will hopefully benefit from in the long run. I'm not necessarily happy its QPR he's gone to, but if he does play regularly, then it can't be a bad thing for him.

    Good luck to the both of them.

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    • Why are you not too happy that he's gone to QPR? What is wrong with them?

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      • Federico Macheda barely got a look in during his disappointing loan spell with Sparky last season. I think steve would have preferred a less risky option where the twin would be guaranteed some sort of first team action rather than warming the bench at QPR as Macheda did last season.

        Fabio will be competing with more experienced QPR players for the same position in the team and would have to earn his place in the team on merit as Sparky will not let the fact that he's from manUre cloud his judgement. The twin will have to earn his spot in the QPR first team on merit just like other QPR players.

      • I just don't particularly like QPR as a club or the football that they play. I would have preferred Fabio to have gone on loan to a club in the north. Happy he's gone to a Prem club at least and not Benfica.

    • As I said if Rafael's defending does not improve in a big way I really hope he is not given the right back role, last season he was dropped because of his defensive failings, so unless we are going to play 3 centre backs, with two wing backs pushing forward into a more winger role, I can't see him becoming a great right back next season, he still has too much to learn, like positioning, tactical, decision making, etc, in defensive situations.

    • Your arguement is simply a cop out, you knew you couldnt argue the case so you say ask Fergie, When Fergie is short of real cover he uses younger players to fill the bench, not injured players.
      Look back over my posts and your see I do post when we win games, and what you see as negative, me and others on here, and ceretainly in the football world see as realistic.
      You one of those who thinks if you support a team you have to always be positive about them, i think realism is far more important, look at arsenal and liverpool fans, a bit of realism would maybe have helped them to see their clubs are miles away from there good old days, not the usual it will happen this season rubbish.

    • More bollocks from the saint! You have no idea what SAF thinks, yet you pretend you do. Where's your list? Insults don't compensate for a lack of proof. You talk bollocks all the time, never positively, and you disappear when we're doing well, everyone knows that, and many have commented on it. You don't support United, you're just here to whinge and moan.

    • As I said, ask SAF, maybe he was short of cover and included him but chose not to use him unless he had to. If you knew anything about United you'd know it had happened before, look at Owen, Fletcher, Hargreaves, and others .... put on after a spell injured, then immediately pulled up.

      You can argue the point all you like, where's your list of who played in what games, and who was on the bench?

      You don't support United, everything you say is negative, when we were on winning streaks you were nowhere to be seen, as soon as we lost a game you popped up, like a pimple.

      Look at your first comment in this thread, you could have said anything, you chose to be negative.

    • Clive> be fair you have a point in part the trouble is i look on the other side of the pitch and see his captain being just as dangerous if not more so and at I suspect the lad gets back into position more than his captain, attacking we tend to need the full backs reinforcing the attack against lesser teams its a good thing but against smart managers it gets exploited so it leaves a tricky question to answer, and you've heard it from me before I like attack attack attack and he has consistently improved, which is more than can be said about his captain who should know better.

    • So why was he on the bench for the rest of the games if he was injured?

    • Rafael picked up an injury against Everton, stop pretending to know what you're talking about.

      You're treated like an ABU on here because that's what you are.

    • Oh be fair Clive, Rafa is no worse than Gazza Nev was at the same point in his career. Any way I like the lad and hop his brother progresses and comes back

    • Your speaking rubbish, if Fergie did not want to take a chance on an injured player why on earth put him in the squad for the next 3 games, are you acusing Fergie of being an idiot?
      Your trying to dig yourself out of a hole and just maing it bigger by more stupid arguements.

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