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    Is 'Wigga' Racist?

    How many of you (and by the looks of your comments Im assuming most of you are white - and never had friends that are black!) remember this term, which seemed to be born out of the Eminem era?
    Are people honestly proclaiming that if one white person called another white person a 'Wigga' (white man trying to be black) that its racist?!
    I blame Rio just for giving the ABU usual suspects the ammunition they so desperately crave, isn't that right Spursracist?

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    • This is actually a very good question. I'll have a go at it. I'm not sure I'll get it exactly right.

      I'd never heard of either word. To me, choc-ice is something you suck on a hot day (no jokes please). But I had heard of the word black and I understand when that is or isn't racist. You can't say that black is necessarily a racist word or necessarily isn't, it depends how it is used. If you say someone is a "black cunt" that is racist, if you say they have black skin, it isn't, I hope.

      In this country I believe the law defines racial abuse as abuse which includes a reference to a person's colour. The law asks whether the behaviour was "threatening, alarming or insulting" likely to cause "harassment, alarm or distress". So "black cunt" is presumably insulting and likely to produce either harassment or distress (not sure which in AF's case), and includes a reference to the person's colour. It is racial abuse.

      So what about "choc-ice"? In this case it appears to be insulting. It was used as meaning someone who "sold out" his skin colour, who should have stood up for the fact of not being white but didn't. I think most would say that a black or coloured person would likely be distressed by that. So that appears to be racial abuse to me.

      What about "wigga". I've never heard it used but again, if it is used in an insulting way in a way likely to be distressing then that would fall foul of the same test. "fucking wigga should stick to country and western" would technically be enough, I think, by the law.


    • 'Wigga'?

      Tiss even worse than 'Nigga'.

      Here endeth the lesson.