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  • I've been away for a week but i thought i heard a radio story that Bale was in the GB footie squad, thenpulled out with injury and then played for Spurs???

    If so, poor show by Bale and Spurs FC

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    • Answering for "Roy"...

      ...you never could remember who you were...or which ID you'd used last...;D

      ...go ahead...post personal details...it won't be the first time...worm...

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    • June 2012....

      ....only just found this forum yesterday...and already knows everyone's locations, emails and names...

      ...what a little snoopy :)

    • Boy, you talk some crap alan.

      How do you know the other FAs weren't approached? If they weren't, how did they get the chance to refuse?

      They approached the English FA because the other nations made it quite clear, LONG before the Olympics, that they wanted nothing to do with it. Only the English FA were interested, for the first time ever.

      And the separate home nations can't play in the Olympics as separate countries, because, for the sake of the Olympics, they aren't.

      As to the individual players from Scotland, Wales and N Ireland, it was made quite clear that the various FAs had no right to stop them from competing, they did this with threats and intimidation, nothing to be proud of!

    • facts Eric, lets look at your Facts boa authorised The English FA to organise a GB team ? yep that could be true an English dominated BOA did that, but who has the authority over the other home nations football ? the boa? no, the English F.A.? no the other F.A;s have that responsibility Therefore to approach players from those nations was disrespectful and if the English F.A. were treated in similar manner they would be up in arms and rightfully so, would would most English people.
      Just to clarify I have no objections to England having representatives in the olympics football and if the team gb football team had entirely English players wouldn't have bothered me as it wouldn't have gone against the other nations rights to choose not to be involved. As I see it there 2 choices, 1 that the home nations have their own Olympic set up or the home nations compete amongst themselves to represent GB, which I admit would most likely end up being England,but then there would be no risk to being independent in future competitions from a F.I.F.A. standpoint and there would have been no desperate need to recruit token non English Players and the disrespect shown because of it. I also suspect that most of you that try to twist the facts would have been happier with a fully English team

    • "It is not always a good idea to believe all Blatter says"

      Blatter, and FIFA, have to be very careful about setting precedences. There may well be a federal Europe one day, which would mean fifty odd countries playing under a single flag.

    • your say Rob fair enough,just to clarify in the face of the childish comment
      1 fergie invited by who?
      2 Fifa are always trustworthy ? we've seen enough evidence of the opposite
      3 the Welsh didn't change their minds doubt they could enforce the banning of players taking part and thats probably accounts for being ignored
      4 good assessment of Giggs and Bellamy
      5 protecting your right to exist isn't childish and if any of the other home nations had acted in a similar fashion towards English players then the English FA would be in an uproar. As for player being good enough you are possibly right although Pearce supposedly approached a couple of Scots. However it does not change the fact that the other nations we disrespected The best example I can come up with would be if the English FA in 1970 invited George Best to play for them.
      Personally I believe each of the home nations should run their own Olympic Teams then the football situation wouldn't arise. I cannot understand the resistance to accepting that each of the home nations has its own identity

    • If I can just have my say here, as I understand it....

      1. Alex Ferguson (Scot) was the first to be invited to manage the team, Pearce was second choice.

      2. The non-English countries' FAs said they didn't want their players involved because of the risk of losing their autonomy with FIFA (understandable concern). But even though FIFA assured them that wouldn't happen, they refused to budge.

      3. The non-English FAs told their players they were not allowed to play, on punishment of not being selected again if they did (Bale being an example of this, though what happened with Ramsey I dunno, did Wales change their minds?)

      4. So Pearce picked the best squad he could of the under-23s available (almost all of course being English) and then added in Giggs & Bellamy as a token selection (who are still good enough to make an impact, but won't play for Wales in the future anyway.

      I don't see any problem with what Pearce did, but the behaviour of the non-English FAs (particularly Scotland) was childish imho. Maybe they knew they didn't have anybody good enough for the squad anyway.

    • What are you on about, Alan? Why do facts always upset you?

    • thank you Will, unfortunately certain people on here refuse to accept that

    • It is not always a good idea to believe all Blatter says Ian,he is a devious individual.

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