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  • jim w jim w Jul 31, 2012 08:19 Flag

    Chevrolet and the FA/Rio

    That depends on what has been signed by whom covering an issue like this. If there is something in the 'agreements' signed by football clubs to be allowed to enter into FA run competitions that covers this issue and that signing a contract with a club means a player is subject to those conditions, then I agree. However I would be surprised if the drafting of those agreements was so all inclusive to cover social media comments about a 3rd parties comments about another player. Its very unlikely in my opinion. The FA are relying on 'general acceptance' that they can impose 'club' rules just as you say.
    My personal opinion is that they are at risk from over-reach and that this could be exposed in common law if anyone felt sufficiently motivated to test the limits of their 'rules'. I feel very uncomfortable of a private body imposing 'behaviour' so far removed from their area of normal operation.
    None of the above supports any views expressed by Ferdinand in this matter, as I have previously said he is generally the sort of guy who opens his mouth to change feet.