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  • Robert M Robert M Jul 31, 2012 11:28 Flag

    Chevrolet and the FA/Rio

    Having seen (from both sides) a lot of contracts written by the big guy's lawyers for the little guy to just accept and sign I would bet a large amount of money that there is at least one all-encompassing clause along the lines of:

    - the club (and by extension its players) will abide by all rules of the association as passed from to time, and will accept sanctions decided by the association for breaches of those rules, subject to the rights of the club and players to appeal to the Court of Arbitration in Sport and their rights under the law of England and Wales.

    Or, in other words, "I'm the big guy with the lawyers and a monopoly on football in England, and I can do whatever the hell I like."

    Rather than being concerned about the FA and Ferdinand who is big enough, rich enough and certainly ugly enough to look after himself, I would be more concerned about this:


    Since when did it become right for the police to arrest a 17 year old kid in the middle of the night simply for writing an obnoxious tweet?