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    Moura REJECTS United to join PSG

    Robben, Mikel, Ballack, Torres, Sneijder, Tevez, Hazard, and now Moura.

    PSG have confirmed that the 19-year-old, who was also being chased by Inter Milan, would join them in January on a four-and-a-half year contract. He will not join his new team until January 2013.

    The player is in Brazil's squad at the Olympic Games in London and has also played for his country's senior side.

    "By signing a young talent of the quality of Lucas Rodrigues Moura Da Silva, Paris Saint-Germain is already preparing (for) the future," the French club said.

    PSG did not disclose the transfer fee which has been widely reported by local media to be about 45 million euros, or £35m.

    Qatari-backed PSG had already spent more than 100 million euros on players in the summer in an attempt to dominate Ligue 1 and challenge for European honours.
    New signings have included forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic and defender Thiago Silva from AC Milan and Argentine forward Ezequiel Lavezzi from Napoli.

    Their splurge is bound to raise questions about whether they can fit in with UEFA's Financial Fair Play policy designed to stop clubs spending more than they can afford.

    Lucas, an attacking midfielder, helped Brazil win the South American U20 championship in Peru last year, scoring a hat-trick as they demolished Uruguay 6-0 in the final.
    He made his Sao Paulo debut in 2010, having joined the club five years earlier.


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    • Add Rodwell to the list. LMAO.

    • Yes..& another little trick of theirs Kitten is to try & single out a True Utd fan with ridicule on these boards,but they should know i dont give a flying f**k to what they think

      I only care whats happening to my club,& i along with millions are worried.

      If thats the case..Go on other boards like Utd's official web site...there are far worse than me about the glazers & the present team.

      We havn't adressed the midfield,left back..& a world class striker,if we dont before the season starts(which i doubt) we wont win anything.

      Another typical ploy..Giggs Scholes are legends,we are talking about..."NOW".

      Looks like too many with their head in the sand..."WHO DONT REALLY CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR GREAT CLUB"

    • Giggs and Scholes have won more between them than the whole Chelsea squad will ever win. Are you trolling our board 'frank' ?

    • " He's right. Why don't you address the point:

      Scholes, Giggs, Carrick " Or racist Terry, or Lampard, ?

    • It's just as well that this is NOT a tweet on twitter . . . you would have had a visit from the Police by now.

      Very sad girl.

      Be very careful in what you say . . . !

    • "but i'm gonna boycott the club" - hopefully that includes you boycotting this board as well because you aree one boring sod deeprick

    • Okay, whatever infidel "porch monkey", Ian Harris.

      Robben, Mikel, Ballack, Torres, Sneijder, Tevez, Hazard, and now Moura.

    • " Frank Revery here, lifelong Blues fan; you're welcome to talk to me about my favourite topic - the Blues - on the Chelsea page" Bullshit Deeprick

    • @ harrisianrobert21: Any reason you've hidden your profile, tw@t? Don't assume everyone you don't know here is Slayer/Deeprick.

      Frank Revery here, lifelong Blues fan; you're welcome to talk to me about my favourite topic - the Blues - on the Chelsea page, or feel free to chime in here on why yet another player has REJECTED your sh1tty club.

    • I tell ya what, it's all Ferguson's the Glazers' and Gill's fault!!!! Maybe instead of rubbbing it in on usover over predicament, why dontcha go assasinate them??? You can settle your dislike for all things United and help save us trom further destruction at the hands of those AIDS-ridden skunks at the same time. #FERGIEISAJINX #GLAZERSAREJINXES #GILLISAJINX #FERGIEISWORTHLESSTRASH #GLAZERSAREWORTHLESSTRASH #GILLISWORTHLESSTRASH #FERGIEOUT #GLAZERSOUT #GILLOUT #FERGIEMUSTBEASSASINATED #THEGLAZERSMUSTBEASSASINATED #GILLMUSTBEASSASINATED #FERGIESHOULDGOROTANDBURNINHELL #GLAZERSSHOULDGOROTANDBURNINHELL #GILLSHOULDGOROTANDBURNINHELL

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      • Some posts from..What culture. Have to say it's not far from the truth.

        August 9, 2012 at 1:47 pm
        Im a united fan, fergie has lost the plot. Hes just glazers lapdog now. We were never going to get lucas and van persie was always less likely. Manchester s**** all over paris. Paris is a dirty smelly place full of arseholes. Who would rather play professional football in france over england?! Crazy! All the best french players leave! Madness! So in conclusion, lucas is a sweaty little money grabbin tramp. The guy should watch “la haine” thats the real paris! Muppet! On the other hand, if united cant wrap a deal up while the player is actually in manchester then that speaks volumes about us now! Ferguson just does what he wants. He manipulates all the stupid fans into thinkin how he wants them to think. He has trained most of us to not only accept the mediocre, but embrace it. Carrick in a united shirt is a disgrace. We are manchester united, the biggest club in england! We make more money than anybody in the world and yet we are supposed to not wonder why we cant buy top players! Too many transfers have been ruined by fergusons unwillingness to spend an extra few million. Ronaldinho, robben, sneijder, nasri, hazard and now lucas. Soon, van persie will be added to this list. Im sure there are and will be more aswell. This guy needs to realise that its not his family inheritance money! We sold ronaldo for 80 million but we s*** a brick when we are asked to spend over 30 million and then we start calling everyone else crazy! If we had bought a top midfielder last summer we would have surely got an extra point, won the league and not been humiliated by the weakest group in the champions league. I was at the otelul game and i wanted to kill myself. So really our reluctance to spend 30 million on sneijder actually cost us a league title, a better run in the champions league and therefore around an extra 50 million in revenue as a result. My name should be MU20! Rant over.
        August 10, 2012 at 8:34 am
        @MU19 I am to a Utd fan for more or less all my life and Fergie is past his sell by date and he lost my respect when he came out in support of the Glaziers who i might had are there because of Fergies certain actions back in 2003.So we will be playing the likes of Crawley Town and FC United in the not to distant future at this rate.

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