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    Media Coverage

    I'm surprised at how negative the media has been towards Chelsea's CL win. If it were United, Arsenal, or Liverpool, you can bet they would be praising and hailing the victory as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead the anti-Chelsea media bang on about aging squad (which BTW they've been on about since Fergie said that in '09, and Chelsea have won the Prem, 2 FA Cups, and a CL since), luck, 'negative' football, and other such rubbish. The fact is that Di Matteo got his selections and tactics spot on, and the team executed brilliantly on the pitch to get the right results. You don't try to outplay Barca; United tried that and got utterly humiliated TWICE. You don't go to Bayern's home ground and not play defence, especially since they have two of the best wingers in the world in 'Robbery'. Save the goal fests for the weaker teams like the 4-1 demolition of Napoli, 5-0 Genk, 3-0 Valencia, and the 5-1 destruction of Spurs in the FA Cup.

    Defence is an essential part of the game and I enjoy seeing a crunching, last-ditch defensive tackle just as much as I enjoy seeing a curling drive into the top right corner of the goal. You can tell that these idiot media 'pundits' writing these articles belong to the instant gratification generation of Facebook, Twitter, etc. I bet they don't enjoy or understand games like Chess. It takes a lot of talent, discipline, and determination to play out to tactics for 90+ mins. What Chelsea did during the latter stages of the Champions League was nothing short of incredible. Lampard's sublime pass, and Ramires' exquisite lob at the Nou Camp was simply breathtaking. Coming back from 0-2 down, with the captain sent off, and at the mercy of the world's best player from 12 yards was simply one of the best matches I've ever seen.

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    • You have to have an aircrash to be worshipped like the scum are.And of course a manager who can manipulate the press the way old whisky nose can, and a club DIRECTOR in a senior position at the F.A.???

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      • Wow, talking about up-to-date criticisms, you go back to Munich. You bloody genius.

        Are you saying we should be ashamed to be "worshipped"? Ashamed that the nation and the world were shocked and dismayed to lose most of one of the greatest teams Britain's ever produced, a team that would have been the backbone of a more successful England side for years to come? Ashamed that players volunteered their time to keep the side playing and not be penalised? Perhaps we should be ashamed of Harry Gregg running back into the plane to rescue people? Perhaps we should be ashamed of Busby rebuilding his team to become the first English team to win the European Cup?

        To quote you, "knobhead".

        Oh, and Mourinho and Wenger were pretty expert at "manipulating the press", and Arsenal had their own man in a senior FA position for a long time. Did they achieve what SAF and Manchester United did? (I don't expect you to actually know the answer to that rhetorical question, so I'll help you out: No, they didn't)

        Were you trying to make a serious point, or are you one of those weird people, like Fabongrass, who get a rush out of just being as annoying as they can?

    • Wrong board, mate.

    • So, rather than admit you were wrong, you decide to go off on some random tirade about United? Good luck to you.

      Maybe you're too young to remember, but United were one of, if not the most-supported club in the World before Beckham had the number 10 shirt, never mind the 7. He helped, to be sure, but you're acting as if United had the global support of whatever club you support prior to Beckham. And Beckham's been gone for, what, a decade? Come up with a more up-to-date criticism.

      " Nobody that genuinely follows football likes your club."

      Well, that's just factually incorrect. Apart from the million of United fans who genuinely follow football, the achievements of the club, of specific players, and of managers like Busby and SAF have won respect all around the world. Unless you're going to use the "No True Scotsman" fallacy, and say that anyone who has expressed affection or respect for Man United automatically "doesn't genuinely follow football".

    • what a load of drivel your spilling over a non topic

    • I just laugh at how she writes entire verses here and then all it takes is one sentence from you to wind her up. LMFAO.

    • " Ivanovic, on the other hand, is a good defender and a class act both on and off the pitch. He was exonerated like his captain, as they both deserved. " Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. How about racist Terry ? I reckon Abramovitch handed out a few brown envelopes

    • There is plenty of evidence out there. You certainly know how to surf around trolling on here, why not surf the internet for some evidence.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA oh please, who are you trying to kid?

      Do yourself a favour and save me the prattle, it's not really impressing anybody, least of all me!

      If you really were all that intelligent then you wouldn't let yourself get so easily baited by people like me on here!

      Enough said. LMFAO

    • He's too busy to do that, just like he's too busy to spend time on here arguing, yet I get hime biting everytime I post on here!


      He's not a very wise one at all.

    • Maybe "better" is unfair. More intelligent, better at using logic and the English language, more honest, less bitter and twisted. I'm not the best, just better than you. ;-)

      Anyway, I don't know which of your posts got deleted. Nothing to do with me, but it hardly surprises me that you're irritating people enough to do that. I'm also not sure who you think "got the better" of me. So far Fab and OinkOink have been shown up for the idiots they are, so unless you think you and Sandgrounder (whose gift of eloquence extends as far as "knobhead") are looking good, I'm not sure what you're getting at.

      "you're on here more than most trying to defend your beloved Man U"

      I'm actually on here less than most, and, looking at the most recent 5 or 6 threads, less than you. But then, this is the board for my club, so the other fans and I are meant to be here. By being here at all, you are showing that you either have so little to occupy you, or are so obsessed, that you would rather spend time here taking the mick, than talking about your own team.

      Come on, mate, that's just sad. You don't even have a username to do with your own club, you only seem to have a fixation on ours.

      I also don't get the "fickle" jibe. If I'm spending time pointing out the errors in your anti-United stuff, how does that make me a fickle fan? I support United. I've consistently supported United. I will continue to do so, even if we pull a Liverpool when SAF leaves, and sink to mid-table obscurity.

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