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  • Wise Son Wise Son Aug 13, 2012 21:09 Flag

    Media Coverage

    Bloody hell, I know who Jimmy Murphy was. Here's the problem with your post:

    " it was evident at the time immediatley after munich that he was involved withhanding out bungs to sign players"

    How was it evident? You've not mentioned anyone implicating him, and newspaper reports or police investigations. It's just asking me to take your word for it. Fail.

    "and there were suggestions that bungs were passed in relation to the FA cup in 58."

    Suggestions from who? You? You suggest United chucked someone a bung every time they win. You haven't given any sources, let alone one more reliable than you (which wouldn't be hard).

    So, do you want to back up this claim, or do you want to just keep slandering one of United's heroes?