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  • Ultimate ABU Ultimate ABU Aug 13, 2012 23:26 Flag

    More silverware for City!

    Hissy Pishtopher is the so-called hard as nails black US Navy Seal who was personally trained by Sifu Wong Kiew Ki a Shoalin Monk and is also into Caribbean weddings

    Botch is the old grot who lives in Oz who once reckoned he chinned Lee Bowyer although this story has changed on numerous occasions, he also claims to own backpackers beach bars in Thailand and will unleash on the FBI on you should you nick one of his Yahoo IDs.

    Slaphead Harris is a deluded old baldy who has a naff electro-pop band called Swim (which you can find on MySpace) that played a gig in a record shop in Marseille to a crowd of seven people, he got really ratty a while back whilst he gave up smoking, he probably did lots of acid in the 60s and his mother recently snuffed it.

    Knobheads - all three of them...