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  • Layla Layla Aug 16, 2012 11:19 Flag

    what this board said before RVP signed!

    some of u have had a remarkable change in opinion on RVP.
    whereas others have just kept quiet now that he has been signed.

    alan c-
    he;s not the type of player I am hoping for, he is also a different type of player from welbeck and chicarito but nearer to rooneys style of player so perhaps its a rooney rotation and sometime combination

    mu devon-
    As for the idea of van Persie joining utd my main reservation would be his injury record - last season was rare in that he didn`t pick up a major injury.

    1) We've just bought one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe in Kagawa. Buying RVP would mean him being played on the left, or in a nightmare scenario, in central midfield. Another case of a great talent being 'adapted' with the most likely response being that he is going to become a 'more rounded player'.

    2) How would Welbeck score the '20 or more goals' to become a 'top class player'? Surely Ian Harris et al. wouldn't be in favour of this move as it would 'obstruct a youngster's progress'. In this case, I agree.

    3) We need a central midfielder more than anything. Fergie's love for strikers/attacker is clouding his judgement in this matter.

    4) The player himself is becoming overrated. He rarely performs in high pressure matches, and is not used to being in a team which is expected to win. When Arsenal do win in big matches, and he has played well, it has been because 'they have nothing to lose' and are underdogs. Conversely, in an environment in which he is expected to produce, the national team, he regularly fails.

    I don't see a need for Van Persie
    I'd view this similar to when we signed Berbatov. He was a great player at Spurs, one I liked the look of, but one we didn't need and didn't work out. Signing Van Persie would be similar. We've just signed Kagawa, who is at his best playing central off a front man. Sign RVP and he'll end up pushed out wide or ruined trying to convert him to a CM. Also, it would stunt the growth of Welbeck, something I really wouldn't want to happen, and also push Hernandez further down the pecking order.

    united do rule-
    It doesn't mean I want RVP to join United. On second thoughts, if about £ 10 million , why not ?

    united rulez-
    Good, he's $%^&, and we have at least SIX better strikers.

    Anyone can look good at Arsenal, he didn't look much for Holland.
    Correct me if I'm wrong Pixie, but doesn't 'world class' mean you perform well for your country too?

    Van Persil was $%^& at the Euros, he did nothing, it's OK to look good in a crap team like Arsenal.

    United bid £10m for him, which is about right for a squad player who has averaged 12 goals a season in the EPL, and doesn't mind sitting on the bench
    We don't need him, and no-one I've spoken to want him.

    le prof-
    I'd like to see us get involved in an auction, drive the price up for Citeh and Juventus, the c*nts!

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