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  • jim w jim w Aug 17, 2012 10:00 Flag

    Comment on share price level

    Ah Robert, so interested in United as usual, or just trying to show how clever you are?
    Anyway, the problem with your analysis is that with an open reporting on transactions any major extraction of funds by the Glazers on United's operating cash flow would just make the share price dip even lower. As the notional value of their United shares is just about their only valuable commodity in their wealth portfolio against which they can borrow or lever, that would make the situation even worse for them.
    If the share price rose in value they could afford to either extract more cash directly, or more likely add to shares on the open market and raise cash that way.
    A significant fall in share price is only going to end in one way, a successful takeover by a cash rich buyer. Indeed the Glazers have loaded the IPO with termination payments for just this eventuality.
    Try again Robert, its fun seeing you squirming in such a pseudo-intellectual manner.