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  • Wise Son Wise Son Aug 20, 2012 14:42 Flag

    SAF's words to the team at the end of last season

    Saw this on one of my feeds, and it reminded me why I admire Fergie so much, and why, despite what the likes of Kskitten say, I want him in charge until he decides to retire.


    Sir Alex Ferguson has told his young players the devastation of last season's Barclays Premier League title disappointment will be the making of them.

    Danny Welbeck explained that on the way back from Sunderland, after missing out on the title thanks to Sergio Aguero's momentous injury-time winner, Ferguson took a walk on the team bus and spoke to the players.

    "On the last day of the season, when we were travelling home from Sunderland he went round the coach, spoke to a few of the youngsters and said 'you will never forget this, this will win you titles. This will make you into men and be the best you can be'," Danny Welbeck said.

    "When he says something like that, you take note of it."

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