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  • Clive Clive Aug 24, 2012 21:05 Flag

    Fergies time

    I get the impression this will be Fergies las season in charge and for a number of reasons I hope that is the case.

    He has had many great years of leading the team to success and rebuilding the team time and time again, but if he stays on too long he may be seen as the start of our decline and that would not be fair, it is natural that we were going to decline, you can't stay at the top for ever.

    The poor possesion football that we often play is down to Fergie, he picks the team and the tactics, he has got that one badly wrong and yet does not seem to realise it, as he continues to send the team out to play that way.

    He has failed to see that we need real strengh in midfield and has wrongly said that strong defensive midfielders are not needed in todays football, that is clearly not the case, although they may not be needed by all teams or in the same way they once were, our obvious lack of strengh in midfield shows we still need that type of player,
    The better teams all have strong midfields and one or more defensive midfielder, city, Barca, Madrid, inter.

    And if we are going to have a new manger soon, in many ways the sooner the better, as we all know that one day Fergie will go and a new period will have to start.

    Lets hope he goes out on a glorious season.

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    • good post


    • STFU


    • "FYI the Ronaldo era was from the mid to late 00's, not 90's."

      Ooh, thanks for catching my typo there.

      "Fergie may have brought a lot of success to us"

      Yes, more than any manager has ever brought any team. Let's keep that in perspective.

      "But he's not beyond reproach, and is not without faults and failings."

      Never claimed otherwise.

      " He has never really been much of a tacticial magician, especially in Europe, and has always relied on assistant coaches for tactics."

      True, most of his success has been from getting the best out of players, and having a fantastic understanding of when those players can have the most impact.

      "Besides he does come across as conceited,"

      Confident, yes, even arrogant. I don't think he over-estimates his own ability though, or takes his success for granted.

      "is a fierce traditionalist,"

      Not a bad thing in and of itself, especially if you hold onto the good bits of tradition and discard the best. I've always had that impression of Fergie. He remembers his Govan routes, but is willing to learn new ideas and techniques as he goes along.

      "and not many people can take to his abrasive, rather ruthless management style."

      ... Too bad for them?

      "He's also a control freak."

      Well, you're entitled to your opinion on that.

    • Conservatve as in "conservative estimate", you're being extremely cautious, and wanting to gve only the minimum of credit. Saying SAF only built 2 teams is as extreme as counting every championship team as having built a new side.

      Frankly, even crediting him with building 3 teams is still on the conservative side.

    • Agreed Devon, what happened to your usual spot on grammar? I just hope I'm not falling gullable to an ID poacher

    • He's an old man with old ideas.

      We need a young man, with fresh new ideas, a fresh outlook on how to play the game, a fresh outlook on the quality, or lack of, in the squad.

      With any luck Gill will have been in contact with Guardiola and Ferguson will be gone come this time next year.

      Fergusons stubbornness and sheer refusal to bring in a Holding/defensive/box to box midfielder has gone on for far too long.

      It's years since Keano left, and with the exception of 2008 and Hargreaves, we have never replaced him.

      Not one of the midfielders we have now can tackle. Not one of them can hold the ball.

      We won't be winning anything this year again due to the tactical ineptness of Ferguson and Phelan.

      He may have won many trophies in the past, but you're only ever as good as your last games, and against both Everton and Fulham (and in the majority of games last season) we were destroyed in midfield.

      No manager should ever be unsackable. Clough proved that at Forest. As great a man as he was, he went on too long and took Forest down.

      Ferguson is in danger of dragging this club down and has to be stopped.

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      • Well put Stuart. We need a young, dynamic person with new ideas and a new approach. Fergie's style is way outdated and his refusal to bring in a defensive midfielder and playmaker has really hampered us. Besides, he's greated a lot of bad feeling towards us from the media and fans of other teams with his arrogance and petulance, and his traement of the players and staff is deplorable! It's only a matter of time before he gets us relegatedand drives our star players out of the club, and he needs to be stopped before he drags us further down! And it doesn't help that the Glazers and Gill are still throwing their weight behind him and giving him so much say at the club. I fact, they aren't any better; they're more interested in lining their own pockets and in being famous, and they rip off the fans by charging crazy prices for games. They're practically leeching on the club and the fans! They need to be shown the door too!!

      • Stuart, there is an argument that we could be doing better, sure, but that could be argued in the case of just about anything!

        However we did just lose the title on GOAL DIFFERENCE, in what would of been, what, a 5th title in 6 years?

        I think alot of people here are either just born stupid, or perhaps need to calm down, get off the anti-depressants, and perhaps try thinking before speaking!

        You all sound ridiculous!

      • " Ferguson is in danger of dragging this club down and has to be stopped. " Ok deeprick

      • what utter claptrap stuart your using a season where we where heavily blighted by injuries to say that Fergie can't manage ? and we need a young manager? young managers have an inherent weakness in that fans will quickly turn on them if results don't come along guadiola is no different other than possibly getting a bit longer to prove himself, We have a great history of youth development I'm not sure he'll fill that role, he inherited his youth when he took over Barca, I could be wrong and someone will happily let me know if I am wrong.
        As for dragging the club out of the premiership, keep taking the magic mushies

    • Nothing sucks like a Dyson eh? Have you watched Man United lately?.

    • Eric, are you insane?
      saying after all that is their prime position, Carrick has always been a central midfielder, more attacking than anything, known for his passing. Fletcher started off at Utd on the right wing, only moved into centre as he had no real pace or skill for a winger, but again has been known for his forward running, when fit.
      Both may have been tried thgere in the holding role, after Keane was not replaced, but neither could ever claim to be that type of player, even if Fergie sticks them there

    • Oh dear Clive, try and apply a bit of logic if you are capable.

      Out of 600 games do you not think many of them might be as your 'holding' player, after all that is their prime position? And according to you in just one or two of those games they played well.

      Do you really think Fergie would have kept them on for 600 games if they weren't doing their job?

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