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    With this the last transfer day, have United officially confirmed his signing?

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    • I dont think we can afford to let our skilful players go. Atm, we have only 3 players who are technically superb - Nani, Kagawa and RVP, and who genuinely create something out of nothing. We could do with acquiring a couple more. A left sided player who can play through the middle as a number 10 if needed, and a pivot in midfield.

    • But its not just tricks with Nani, here are some stats (league only) for your perusal....

      So far this season, started 1 game, 1 as a sub, 1 assist.

      2011/2012 - 8 goals and 10 assists in 24 league games, 5 as sub.

      2010/2011 - 9 goals 14 assists in 31 league starts, 2 as sub.

      Before that it was something like 4 goals and 6 assists, so he's drastically improved the past 2 years. Given that he's still only 25, I think it would be a mistake to let him go as he enters his prime.

    • re Nani, what do we need from a winger ? is it tricks or delivery to our goal scorers in the box? Tricks may look pretty, but without the delivery a total waste of time. I would argue that Nani's impact isn't from wing play, but when he cuts inside and runs along the front of the penalty box and shoots but that isn't wide play, too often Nani flatters to deceive. He has improved in certain fields he now tracks back much morte than he used to and he does have better football vision now but so much is wasted that I don't know whether I want him to stay or not

    • The lad at Porto I suppose.

    • Do you see any superior replacements about?

      A strong midfielder and a predominantly left footed version of Nani will (again) be the priorities for next summer.

    • " What worry me if I were a manUre fan (God forbids)" Hahahahahaha. Keep pasting Deeprick .

    • The problem with stats is they can mislead.
      Nani is very talented and when 'on song' is excellent.
      The problem is there is no consistency, except that with predictable regularity, his performances in the second half of each season appear to be substantially worse than the first half. I put this down to the fact that he appears to be a player who does not carry little niggling injuries well. He needs to be physically and mentally in great shape, then he can be devastating. Unfortunately life as a footballer is rarely a bed of roses, and his form dips whenever he has 'problems'.
      I wouldn't advocate him leaving unless there was a superior replacement of 'his type' available. If Moura had come I suspect Nani would have been sold.

    • do you call me Chris because pixie told you to deeprick?

      why dont you try and work it out for yourself who I am?

      'saints fans comments'? since when has a utd fan ever cared what a southampton fans thinks? 1976 maybe

      'saving bacon'? when utd won all their trophies the only thing farcenal gave them was a regular 6 points! the goons are a regualr charity methinks hehehehehe

    • "why should we give a monkeys t*ss "???

      You should care Chrissy simply because this current manUre side isn't good enough.

      What worry me if I were a manUre fan (God forbids) is reading Saints fans commenting on the net after the game that their team were the better of the two sides and they had manUre beaten if not for amateur-ish subs which gave the game away.

      Also, you're having to rely on 'a bit of Arsenal' to save your bacon thus far. You and I know that that won't last before injury strikes.

      ''Van Paper_Leg'' and all that, eh!

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