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  • Richard Richard Sep 4, 2012 10:20 Flag

    For someone who is supposedly on ignore...

    So at least you admit your posts are puerile.

    You are always on here, more than most United fans. We get little bursts of 4 or 5 of your posts with every one of them calling us knobheads, shitheads or similar. You never make one constructive post. It's always some stupid comment trying to wind people up.

    And you've got up at 6:00am to make your reply. Why would a Newcastle fan get up that early to post on this board unless they were obsessed with United?

    And what happens on the Arsenal board should not be used as an excuse by you to behave like you do.

    Just grow up and stop your pathetic behaviour.

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    • "And you've got up at 6:00am to make your reply"

      Actually it was 7.00am knobhead , I live in France, we're an hour ahead of the UK and some of us have to get up on a morning because of this little thing called work, which I gather you're shy of because you're on here all day long!

      "Just grow up and stop your pathetic behaviour"

      Or else what? What are you going to do about it?

      If I suggested that you fu ck off I doubt you'd do it, so kindly don't tell me what to do, infact, the more you whinge, the more I'll post, ok KNOBHEAD!?


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      • OK so it was 7:00 am. It doesn't hide your fixation with United that you think the first thing you have to do is post your childish stuff on here.

        The rest of your post is in keeping with you - pathetic name calling.

        I don't think anything I say will stop you posting; you've just made 4 more idiotic posts in the last 10 minutes - and you say you're never on here, are you?

        One day you might grow up but I doubt it.