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    Berbatov slams Fergie


    I feel Berbatov should have been sold much earlier. Quality player that he is, he isn't the right fit for United and can't perform with a team where expectations are high. Plus, his overly laid-back style has never appealed to me. I also felt it was pretty irresponsible of him to pull out of his deal with Fiorentina at the last minute. On the flip side, i do have some sympathy for him over the way Fergie treated him. Fergie never gave him a fair shot at proving his worth to the team, and just hung him out to dry. IYou have to give Berbs credit for having the balls to call this old fart out for the shambolic way he's treated him. Fergie may have brought a lot of success to the club, but he sure doesn't know a thing about treating players with love and respect. I bet Fergie is like that in his private life as well. I'm not surprised if he does the same to his wife, kids and grandkids. Besides his style of play is also way out-of-date now, and his team selections are becomeing an absolute joke. He deserves no love, respect or trust. Someone please kick his sorry @$$ out of Old Trafford before he drags us further down!! Same goes for the Glazers and Gill!!
    I'll be celebrating on the day that old fart finally gets the bullet, as it's payback for what he's done to United, to so many players!! In fact i won't even mourn over him if he gets a massive brian haemorrhage or cardiac arrest and dies. people like him have no place at United, in football or in society!!!

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