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  • Clueless Clueless Sep 11, 2012 17:58 Flag

    Why all the Spam Clueless Clive?

    Anyone could be forgiven for noticing a resemblance in behaviour between clueless clive and the ABU spammers that frequent here. Lets have a close look at this idiots latest ramblings....

    5 threads currently ruining the message board started by clueless clive, 1 attacking a United fan for disagreeing with him, 4 others deriding United or Fergie...hmmmm....dont know what to make of it myself!

    Breakdown of his crap threads:

    "the one and only"

    - a thread where he does what jesus would have done, and 'stands up to bullies' the 'christian way' by making a joke about a United fan. Love thy enemy, thy neighbour can f.uck himself.

    "Utds decline & Fergie's retirement"

    - the team has declined, Fergies abilities have declined, and hopefully its his last season in charge. Clive typed this whilst considering throwing himself off a bridge.

    "So is its really to early to judge?"

    - 3 games are enough to judge the team, German player of the year kagawa isnt going to make much difference, overrated see, and the correct way to judge a team is by adding the last two games of last season to the first 3 of this season. The answer to this bizarre equation? Epic failure, decline, misery, despair, yes hes now got the exhaust pumping fumes into his car.

    "Last season"

    - More crying from clueless clive about us going 1 season with no silverware, neglecting to mention the fact we amassed 89 points. Anyone who remembers 26 barren years without a trophy can spot a post '93 newbie a mile off.

    "Fergies time"

    - He believes its Fergies last season, and he hopes hes finally got something right as were going into an inevitable decline. He then goes on to explain Fergies tactical frailties, and what the corrections should be, based on all his experience playing football manager.

    Either Clueless Clive is a hypochondriac on alot of anti-depressants, or he is another ABU ruining this place, spamming the board being as negative as possible whilst pretending to be a Man United fan - not for the first time.

    Personally I think its the brainwashing religion thats broken his brain.

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