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  • Ralf S Ralf S Sep 26, 2012 14:23 Flag

    Well Done

    "Of course, everyone other than United supporters think United gets favoured by English referees. And there is plenty of evidence that can be found to support that too."

    Like Drogba's goal at OT, Robert? ;-)

    I thought the survey last year suggested we didn't benefit as much as some other clubs.

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    • i still dont understand why some utd fans think mentioning a decision that went against them is a good argument against people saying utd get far more decisions in their favour than other teams.

      u would have thought they were arguing against people saying utd get no bad decisions against them.

      oh well, guess we will leave them to carry on arguing with themselves.

    • I have no doubt that in 2062 there will be some argument in which I mention the latest research which shows that, even despite the new 4D holographic Webb-tronic auto-refereeing systems in place, United got 53 decisions more than they lost and someone pops up with:

      Ah yes, Robert, but Drogba was offside at OT.