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  • James James Oct 15, 2012 20:20 Flag

    Sacrificing for the future

    Should we not be willing to risk a trophyless season or two in order to allow the young players to grow? Much as the old players (Scholes, Giggs, Rio, RVP, Carrick, Fletcher, Evra, Vidic) almost guarantee at least a trophy in a season, their pesence hinders the progress of the younger players. If Raphael, Jones, Smalling, Buttner, Cleverly, Powell, Welbeck, Chicharito, Kagawa, Rooney and Young played together regularly for a season or two, we would secure the future for many years.

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    • STFU YBC

    • "[desperate and confused excuses]That is a matter of your opinion, not a matter of fact."

      Fair enough, hence why I only said they "sounded like" that. Your assertion that you were "crystal clear" was also just a matter of opinion, so do you want to agree to disagree on this subjective point?

      "And in my personal opinion most of your argumentative posts against me on here sound very desperate and confused."

      You're entitled to that opinion.

      "I explained that I'd replied to the entire thread and that it was the first original topic thread post I'd actually replied too."

      You didn't reply to the original thread post, though. Maybe you're not using the threaded view, but your post shows that it was a reply to mine, not the original. Maybe this is all a misunderstanding, and you didn't realise, but you clicked "reply" on my message and not the OP. That may have been a mistake on your part, but it's a fact. If it was just that you made that mistake, then hey, we can drop that disagreement, and just focus on your trolling and racism.

      What do you say?

    • So, now blacks aren't just rapists and drug dealers, they're stupid too? I love watching you make yourself look stupider and stupider.

      Your explanations weren't "crystal clear", they sounded like desperate and confused excuses.

    • Maybe you weren't addressing me, but if not, then your writing skills are so very poor that it wasn't clear.

      I made a comment about Fergie, you responded to my post (not the OP, which further makes it look like a direct response) with,

      "Fergie this and Fergie that, but when Man U lose a game it's Fergie should go, he's past it - fickle Man U knobheads!"

      This very clearly reads as a response to my post. If it wasn't, you should have responded to the OP.

      "'fickle Man U knobheads' and 'you lot don't half talk a right load' is obviously addressing a few people rather than one"

      ...A few people which include the person you were responding directly to. It's just that, when I pointed out that you'd included me in that group despite my not belonging to it, you promptly tried to pretend you weren't referring to me at all. Like I said, either that, or your writing skills are abysmally poor.

      "Everyone who posted mentioned Fergie too, so why think it was aimed at you and you alone?"

      ...And some of them haven't criticised Fergie after losses like you implied, so do you want to pretend you weren't including them in your response?

      "As for clearing stuff up? Why bother bringing that up again? "

      Because I enjoy watching you try to avoid talking openly about your blatantly racist views. In my experience, any person stupid enough to hold views like you already has their 'knickers in a twist'.

      "You'll only get your knickers in a twist again, because you can't accept the truth boy."

      Hey, tell me something true, and I'll accept it. Talk bollocks and I'll call you out on it, like I did.

      By the way, you might want to dismiss this as an "essay", like you did before, but it doesn't change the fact that you're still wrong.

    • Oh, so the post replying to mine and referencing mine wasn't in response to mine? OK, fine, glad you cleared that up.

      Maybe you could also clear up why you think all black males are rapists and drug dealers?

    • SAF is never going to go down the Wenger route as his success has been built on creating teams which are a mixture of experience and youth. We might all debate which of the older players should make way for the younger ones but if you look at the overall sides he sends out there are always youngsters involved. Rafael, Evans, de Gea, Cleverley, Welbeck, Rooney and Kagawa were all in the starting 11 against newcastle and I`m sure that when they are back from injury Smalling and Jones will also get their fair share of games. And as we saw against wigan the likes of Powell and Buttner will also be given their chance

    • Complete rubbish!