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    I groaned when I saw the team sheet, it was a 3:30am start here, I nearly went back to bed .... I should have, even the three goals don't make up for the crap we turned out in midfield.

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    • Hey 'barra" , shouldn't there be a u in Barraclough ? " Silva has barely featured for them and could be the real difference as he proved against Spurs. Still all to play for but they are in fine fettle." So are we.

    • Most teams have blips eddie. Utds was badly timed I agree.
      City also had a dodgy easter dropping points to Swansea, Stock, Sunderland and the goons as well as getting knocked out of the europa league. Had Aguero not stepped up in THAT moment people would be citing that period as citys downfall no doubt..
      I disputed the phrase 'crumble' with deeprick because he refuses to really grasp the bigger picture in his desperate crusade to be Yahoos biggest ABU!.

    • Piggy, I hate to admit it, but throwing away an 8 point lead at the top of the table is simply 'crumble', especially if you consider how we threw it away! Away defeat to Wigan, home draw vs Everton (where we were leading 4-2) and away defeat to City, who did the double over us... We HAVE to get much, much better defensively and in midfield in order to stand a chance of beating City to the title..

    • I can, in all honesty, see city winning the title this season. They haven't lost a single game all season unlike United, and are very strong in midfield, defence and their attackers (Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli) aren't bad either in comparison to Uniteds. Silva has barely featured for them and could be the real difference as he proved against Spurs. Still all to play for but they are in fine fettle.

    • ''it's looking like city's title again, they are too strong for everyone.
      the current man utd side are too brittle at the back and cant defend.
      just a matter of time before man utd crumble as they did last season, imo.''

      hahah that just about sums up your footballing knowledge to a tee deeprick!

      City too strong eh? West Ham, Stoke, Pool, even your useless goons have taken points off them so far, not too mention their nightmare in the CL hehehe

      'crumble like they did last season'? Last kick of the ball in the last second of a game(Aguero) with Utd only seconds away from winning the TITLE deeprick?

      stick to driving rickshaws slayer

    • We just need to sort out our midfield/ defence
      I hope fergie buys a top midfielder in the window,but doubt it,that might be the answer.

      The trouble is when teams play Utd they burst a gut to beat us..as it's their Cup Final to beat the Greatest Brit team,but don't bother that much against other sides.

      Spurs typical example.

      City arn't as good as last yr,as Europe is proving this,but most prem teams are not up to having a go @ s*hitty,as its not a cup final for them.

    • Don't be too harsh on your team, Rikk.

      Man U are top of the table, I'd rather a mediocre midfield than a mediocre side which sadly Arsenal have become.