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  • Clive Clive Nov 17, 2012 21:03 Flag

    Anderson hype

    It does amaze me how everyone is saying that Anderson should be picked all the time, he has done ok from recent games, mainly because most of the games he has played in were just for 20 mins at the end of the game.
    Fergie is not confident of Anderson because in the past he has been good and then awful.
    In the summer most were saying its his season to prove himself, now they forgotten why they were saying that.

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    • le muppet, you have just proved you know naff all, Alan Smith's time at defensive midfield was only ended because he got his leg broke and was sold off soon after getting back to fitness, before that he had done a bloody good job, Rooney also did better than ok on the wing.

      Anything but admitting the hype is too much, maybe you dont understand what hype means, your brain must be worth a fortune

    • ""Giggs can still have a bit part in this team""

      Your remark, Christopher. Not mine.

      Why would you still want a player in your team most people now consider as well past his best when you have the likes of Vidal bossing this most important area for their team?

      Don't get me wrong, Giggs has been a great player for you lot but the game has changed and he doesn't have the legs anymore to keep up.

    • Word of advice 'son', keep your posts short.

      Given the amount of gibberish you chat, not to mention your reputation as a time waster, no ones going to read an essay you've wasted half your day on writing.

    • "Giggs can still have a bit part in this team"

      The game has changed drastically from the era of "Giggs & Scholes" son.

      Both have served the club meritoriously but Man U need fresh playing staff in their positions which doesn't involve the duo still hanging around the club if they still aspire to be at the forefront of European football.

      It would be a huge mistake and a failure by the club if any of the two players is still at the club at the start of new season. Apart from yesterdays match, the poor CL performances by Man U in a very weak group should be enough to convince the fans that fresh blood are now needed and they can keep relying on players that are well past their best to be carrying the team.

    • What bullsh*t. Anderson has shown more intelligence and productivity in everyone of his 20 minute run outs than Carrick has in his life!

      Anderson and Cleverley SHOULD be our first choice pairing and consistently so they can develop their understanding even more, but unfortunately Fergie prefers Carrick for some reason (like he preferred Gibson to Pogba!), and has clearly got sentimental in his old age over Giggs. Look at our midfield last night and then look at the Norwich game, the difference couldn't be more significant.

    • Shut the fuck up cluless, u fuckin abu cu^t