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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay Nov 21, 2012 06:45 Flag

    Anderson hype

    Open eyes or eyes open, i have a feeling you are NOT opening those eyes.

    It's not just a hype.If you look at the current mid-field we have, Carrick,Giggs (who by the way is not a natural mid-field),Cleverly,scholes etc,you have to notice that we do not have quality in there.Now, i am not saying that Anderson is quality,but i can comfortbaly say that from the list i have just mentioned,he is one hell of a better option that 90% of the current mid-filed.Picture Carrick for example,and i am not singling him out.His style of play,then picture Anderson's style of play.What a lot of United fans would like to see is some "aggression" in the middle of the park.Someone who can hold the bold,"burst" with it,take on a couple...or at least one person to create something for whoever will be receiving the pass.Cleverly can do that,and of course the only other person on the current list is Anderson.These two,given regular games,can be a devastating Mid-field combination to any team.I am leaving Giggs out because we all know his capabilities, but we also Fergie has to open his eyes and realize that Giggs and Scholes are old.So, it's not just a hype,its the reality.Reality which unless Fergie addresses it,it will be pain and heartbreak for united fans day in,day out.Today you smile,tomorrow you are sad.That's how things are at the moment.

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    • Again the posters miss the point, everyone was slagging off Anderson, calling him fat boy, a one game player, too inconsistant to be taken seriously, then after a couple of 20 min games, he his the best thing since sliced bread.

      Maybe the lad has finally woken up and realised the oppertunity he has and decided to stop pissing his chances up against a wall.

      But it will take more than a few games as sub or games like last night for me to take him seriously, even when we dont have great options in midfield.

      And as I said, it seems that Fergie does not trust him fully yet either, as Fergie still picks Carrick, Giggs and Scholes ahead of Anderson.