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  • the one and only the one and only Nov 30, 2012 21:03 Flag


    On the form he showed against the dippers weds night, he is unstoppable and unplayable.

    A simply awesome display from a awesome player.

    SAF must try and sign him, whatever the cost, 20/25m plus Nani and Young??

    With him on the left, Valencia on the right, Roon behind Robin, Ando and a top midfielder alongside him, we could be unstoppable.

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    • I have to agree about Carrick and Flether, and a bit about Valencia, but to me its not about Valencia, Nani or Young, all three have shown they can go past players and scare defenders, but are not really doing so now, its the possession way of playing that is making them look like they are not doing it anymore, it kills off the game of attacking players, as they are made to keep passing the ball back and square, moving forwards very slowly.

    • Seems like your describing your self there steffy, to a tee.

      You and Will have clearly not seen Bale play this season. Week in week out he is terrifying defenses with his sheer pace and power, and what a left foot.

      He would walk into our side all day long.

      Agree with you on Carrick and Fletch.

      Keep up with the insults by the way.
      Well done you!!

      This is my only ID by the way!!

    • Well you had better put your specs over those two eyes then and take a closer look.

    • 25 million.........and the rest

    • Exactly.

      Like Valencia, in Italy, he would be deployed at wing back.

    • You really are a bipolar cunt. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and spend most of your time complaining or celebrating on here like a manic depressive - you and your other ID, 'seven of eleven'. You are quite clearly a wum.

      As you well know, I can't stand Carrick, and Fletcher is little better, although at least he is a grafter. In my opinion, Nani has been mistreated by Fergie in the past, and should have been given more game time over the likes of Valencia, who I've never been a great fan of - yes he is productive, but he is quite dull to watch, gives away far too many fouls, and is limited at the very very highest level. In Italy, he would be a wing back due to his one footedness and predictability. When he was injured 24-19 months ago, Nani played at his optimum and was our best player. I favour getting a predominantly left footed (optimum) Nani, although someone with more consistency of course.

    • And what qualifies you as such an expert.I can see with my own two eyes how Bale performs and how he can be totally nullified by a decent full back who is blessed with decent pace to match him,he possesses absolutely no skill other than a push and run mentality.

    • And none not proven in the Prem League.
      Jesus, no wonder United are hated so much, what wiv cretins like ya self who so called supports them.

      Do you know anything about United, or for that matter...............FOOTBALL??

    • He has proved most ppl wrong on here with he's consistent, match winning performances.

      A class act, as ive always said.

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      • An overrated one footed, one trick pony. He is nigh on useless in making quick passing exchanges, doesn't have a trick and lacks close control so is also useless in very tight spaces, and can only beat men on the outside and heavily heavily reliant on pace. It's no surprise AVB is going for the likes of Willian, a player who can play on the outside and inside, and is good at combining with other players. When his pace goes (whether by injury or age), Bale will be useless. He looks impressive against poor full backs (of which there are loads in the EPL) because he is an amazing athlete, nothing more. I'd much rather have Nani (and even Young). We need a left footer who has a multi-faceted game, not someone who simply relies on their physical gifts and gets found out against good defenders.