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  • jim w jim w Dec 1, 2012 11:26 Flag

    Lewandowski and 'a dream'

    Its all over the European press today, a deal for the end of the season.
    It got me thinking ( dreaming?). Good as he is , why now Fergie? Then I remembered the meeting with Maureen and Ronnie the other week. How could Fergie possibly persuade Madrid to send him back to OT? There is only one way , a swop involving Rooney ( plus player/cash).
    Last season in charge 2013/14; forward line of Lewandowski, RVP, Ronnie, Valencia with Kagawa prompting. Dreams of capturing 'big ears' for the last hurray?!!

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    • Its a nice dream Jim, one shared by many.

      I can't imagine there are more than a handful of United fans who wouldn't want Ronaldo back (listen to any away game), and given the athlete he is I see him performing at the top well into his mid 30's.

      Rooney already offers little, given his physique I can't imagine how useless he'll be in a few years. He gives the ball away so much, particularly when attempting his favoured Gerrard-esque hollywood balls, not to mention is now incapable of running direct, often halting our counter attacking play. On top of that, its clear his heart is not at the club, he's gone the Michael Owen route, and would probably be better suited at Citeh, although safer for everyone if he goes abroad.

      I somehow think Mourinho wont take much convincing, he could be here sooner than we think.

      Lewandowski - no thanks. I wonder how we will now accommodate Anderson and Kagawa into the same team, without dropping either out of position too deep?

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      • Anderson and Kagawa wont be out long, back for the new year I expect. Both are mobile enough to play in an attacking midfield 3, a bit like Chelsea employ which works/worked even with Hap-Hazard who prefers playing out wide.

        Something like this;

        ..............................De Gea





        Young and Nani could slot into this comfortably, you could even put RVP deeper, or Welbeck to accommodate another forward. I look forward to seeing Clev, Ando and Kagawa in the same side. This system relies on quality wing backs, which we have. Valencia could fit in this way.

      • Unfortunately there is no problem for some time as they are both now out for weeks. I suspect Anderson is a busted flush after this latest injury. He was really beginning to motor, but his body just can't take it.

    • Dream on.
      Ronaldo wont come back for a number of reasons.

      He would be asking for huge wages, something that according to jim and others Utd wont pay.

      He would want to know who is replacing Fergie, and it would have to be a top, top manager, and no top manager will come in unless there is a massive ammount to spend to bring in the players he wants.

      Of course bringing Ronaldo back would bring alot of money in to the club, so maybe the glazers will go for it, but its so unlikely.

    • Ok Jim.

      With regards to Kagawa in the 'hole', I merely thought that in a diamond, Rooney should either be playing deeper than him in midfield, or in advance of him as a striker, but not in his position.

      If you've seen the comments retracted, I'll take your word for it - my interpretation of it was that it occurred in the latter stages.

      The comparison of Rooney and Ronaldo in terms of vision is similar to one being made currently between De Bruyne and Hazard - it is said that the former has a greater 'vision' of the game. I'd say the same with Rooney too. I don't think he is as reliant as Ronaldo on his physical prowess, not nearly so. He has spent the majority of his adult life not being in peak condition, and this has been 'ignored' by the medical staff at the club because he is a 'big' player. He therefore won't have to adapt as much because unlike Ronaldo, he doesn't have nearly as much to lose. The next few years of Ronaldo's career will be very interesting. I don't think his stay in Madrid will end amicably. PSG will probably come in within 2 years or so.