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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Dec 1, 2012 11:53 Flag

    Lewandowski and 'a dream'


    This "story" is from the Daily Mail, all the other reports are pointing to it.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • That is in the UK , I am not in the UK, but central Europe. Check the press/media there, I think you will find the Mail got it from there.

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      • Please engage brain, or at least read the post, before engaging keyboard.
        I did say 'dream'. As I said, I cannot think of any reason that Fergie would buy yet another striker unless he was going to release one of the 4 current guys. Which led to the conjecture about a return of Ronnie and the only way I could conceive of Madrid being interested in a deal. Someone will no doubt conjecture that Madrid have apparently shown an interest in Hernandez, or the people who do not rate Welbeck might believe in a replacement.
        Its conjecture, 'thoughts' , in my case a possible route for getting Ronnie back. Probably without foundation, that is what 'dreams' are.
        I have no idea which came first the Mail story or the story today in most European press. Does it matter? Clearly United have been interested in this guy, he is very good in an excellent team. He dovetails well with Kagawa and he doesn't want to renew his contract. So maybe there is some substance behind the story.
        The rest is my 'dream'. Personally I would much rather have Ronnie back than keep Rooney. Its probably not an option, but if it ever was, I hope Fergie/United would act.

      • I hope not. I don't think he is that good - clumsy at times, ungainly and not very good with his link up play etc. You'll disagree with me Jim, but United fans need to wake up from their 'dream' of Ronaldo returning. 2 more peak years (especially given the fact that he is not RVP, he has been playing continuously for close to 11 years) are not worth 100 million or so (probably more), especially for a player who is heavily reliant on his physical gifts, and even more so when the current foundation of the team at the back and in midfield is weak. We should keep Rooney, use him as a surrogate midfielder at times, especially in a diamond, and supplement the team where it needs to be replenished. As this season is showing, a fantastic forward line does not make up for a broken team.