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    The End is Nigh!


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    • I don't chase sticks, but I have been known to do a bit of hog sticking - nice BBQ afterwards.


    • "Funnily enough I've never met a person who has chased after a thrown stick either, just dogs."

      OK, so unless you think I'm a cunning Labrador, deceptively masquerading as a Manchester United fan, why ask?

      "If anything doesn't make much sense, then it's that boomerang fixation question above?"

      That sentence doesn't make sense, but because it doesn't make sense, I'm not sure how to make sense of it. Which is odd.

      "Look, just take it from me that I know that you honk of BO, it doesn't need any explanation, it's just one of those things."

      Oh, you just KNOW? Well, why didn't you say you just know? That clears the whole thing up. If you're smelling BO while you're sitting at the computer, I would suggest that it's not likely to be me it's coming from (is that where the Oink Oink name comes from?).

    • I've never actually met a person who chases sticks, or boomerangs, for that matter. Is a boomerang fixation your reason for constantly trolling the board of a team you clearly hate? I ask because nothing else makes sense.

      Also, you have some impressive super senses. I've never been able to smell someone online, but apparently you can. How does that work?

    • Cheers, Ian.

    • Well, I'm back in the UK now, but I honestly don't get what you find so hard about it. Are you confused that I didn't fall off the bottom of the world or something?

    • Some good points wise.

    • I think our defence is going to get more settled as players like Jones, Smalling and Vidic are still getting back to good form after recovering from their injuries.

      I don't think our possession football is as conservative as you're making out. We don't just sit back waiting for teams to get tired, there's a lot of pushing forward, attacking and playing positively. I honestly don't see how you can say our performance is poor to average; I'm not saying it's consistently reached the levels we're aiming for yet, but there's a lot of good play going on. It's been good enough to get wins against City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and get a healthy lead going into 2013.

      I just can't help but feel that you overstate the problems. Our midfield and defence are not where we want them to be, but they were good enough to get us to within a single goal difference of the title, and, while hobbled by injury, to get us into a dominant position this season so far.

      I have also been happier with the performances recently than you. When I see your comments after each match, we seem to have been watching different games sometimes. I do put that down to a simple difference of opinion, but there you go. I did feel that the Newcastle game was a very strange team selection, with both Giggs and Scholes in midfield. Once we made changes, we looked much better, which does make me think that we do have the players to address our issues, when used properly.

      Either way, I know we can agree that we want to see United do well in 2013, eh?

    • Ahh yes, Clive, I see the hypocrites are out in full force. The so called objective and reasonable posters who also happen to be persistent Internet bullies, intermittently racist, and have been so obsessed with these boards over the last few years that they change their ID everyday. Hopefully these ppl won't do anything bad to themselves or others without these boards giving them their fix. Sad.

    • Wise one, I dont think we have the right players to sort those issues out, we have no-one who can help to make our midfield more solid and give decent cover to our iffy defence, Fergie is trying to use Carrick in that role, but he does not have the abilty to do it, he is better use to use as the central midfileder he is.
      As for new system, we still seem to playing the same possesion football, hoping to wear teams down so they get tired and make mistakes, which the lesser teams will, most of the time, fortunately no ther team, so far, is playing real quaility football, so we have been lucky in that way, to be on top while playing mainly poor to average football.
      Regarding recent performances, are you talking about Wigan and West Brom? As the newcastle game wasnt a great performance, as a whole, neither was the Swansea game.

      But hope you have a good and happy 2013

    • Fair enough, but I do think we are seeing those issues gradually work their way out as players get fit, and as they and the management adjust to a new system.

      No doubt, a new signing might be a 'quick fix', but I am optimistic on our recent performances.

      Agree or disagree, happy New year, Clive.

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