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  • Inter city Inter city Dec 9, 2012 17:35 Flag

    Anyone seen kitten, clueless clive or Seven?

    No Vidic, no Nani, no Anderson, No Kagawa, we played two small full backs and had Carrick in midfield in a 4-4-2 away to a full strength, undefeated in 2 years Man City that have spent over half a billion pounds in just a few years.
    So called united fans wrote us off again but the rest of us knew better than to give up on a Fergie team.
    ABU's like clive seven and spursbrat are visibly suffering, along with a small minority of mancunians that support the bitters.
    Today was a great day for football, the best are well on top, and if it wasnt for a couple dodgy decisions by the ref our superiority would have shown much greater.
    Enjoy it all true loyal United fans.