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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 21, 2012 13:26 Flag

    Right or wrong???

    The Barca game was so much luck, was it? How many times would we beat them in twenty ties?

    We have been drawn against Barca five times in the last eight years, four in the knockouts, once in the group stage. In the group stage we won at home and drew away. In the knockouts we have won two and they have won two. The last time they knocked us out was 2009 when in a 1-1 draw we should have been given numerous penalties, by common consent. The previous time they knocked us out was when they beat us at home after we had del Horno harshly red carded early in the game. The two times we put them out we also had a player in each sent off - Drogba incorrectly in 2005. In those ten games they beat us in 90 minutes just twice; we beat them in 90 minutes three times. This year we beat them with ten men with a goal to spare. They were ahead in the whole tie for less than ten minutes.

    Not for nothing is Chelsea the one club Barca don't want to get drawn against in the CL - in their words. How many times would we beat them out of twenty? More than ten, judging by the history.

    Yes, the final was another bit of luck - being drawn against a team playing at home. Very lucky. And we beat them - just as we did in 2005.

    If I started bleating on about all the times Chelsea had been unlucky getting knocked out of the CL when this or that went wrong, nobody would be much interested Nobody would be much interested if I called United's win in 2008 lucky. So I don't think I need to take any "lucky" shit for the win this year. The semi-final and final Chelsea played to a game-plan. Barca and Bayern found it almost impossible to stick the ball in the net. When they did we struck back immediately. We are as worthy winners as any team in the last decade. Ask Messi.