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  • Roy F Roy F Dec 27, 2012 11:16 Flag

    What a disgrace Fergie

    It's been a very long time since the Off-Side rule meant that any player in an Off-side position was deemed influencing play, so a goal was ruled out.

    The rules are clear and Cisse did not touch the ball and was not affecting the vision of the keeper, so was un-arguably NOT influencing play.

    And the ludicrous comment from the board Moron trying to say Cisse was holding Evra does not warrant a debate...........he wasn't, it was the other way round, but thanks for proving my case about Man U fans.

    The law of the game was upheld and the Ref deserves massive praise for overturning a decision or making his own mind up over his linesman, and under massive pressure.

    Fergie IS a stain on the game when he should be a true legend outside Old Trafford.

    When Paisley, Shanks, Robson, Clough etc were winning things, yes every fan of an oppsing team wanted to beat them or for them to slip up..................but they respected them for their achievements. Fergie???? The guy is succesfull, no question about that...............BUT HE IS A STAIN ON THE GAME. NO WONDER NEUTRAL FANS SEE MAN U AND FERGIE AS FIGURES OF HATE.

    If you can't win fair, you shouldn't be playing. I'm sure had the ball been bought with his own money yesterday...........He would have picked it up and gone home blubbing that the nasty ref isn't being nice to him and could his Dad beat him up for him!!!

    That's it, said my bit and I don't expect Man U fans to agree in writting about Fergie's actions, although it would be nice and much respect to any Man U fans here if they came out and lorded their success over the years but said that Fergie was a disgrace V's Newcastle.

    The talking point should be Man U's massive heart and never say die attitude yesterday and in all the years under Fergie (it's down to him)...............But yet again it's Fergie who blackened the game.

    Maybe i'm old school and i make no opologies for liking the win and lose fair way of things and despising the petulance and ways of Fergie and his ilk in this modern lawless,arrogant/unsporting age.

    • "And the ludicrous comment ..... trying to say Cisse was holding Evra does ....... he wasn't, it was the other way round"

      It was the other way round .... so there was contact between the two ... in which case, Cisse was interfering with play .... FACT!

      Once again, kipper is hoisted with his own petard!