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  • Roy F Roy F Dec 27, 2012 07:20 Flag

    What a disgrace Fergie

    Just seen MOTD Man U V's Newcastle.

    1st, a great great game.

    2nd, What a disgrace Fegie is. The Ref was clearly correct in interpreting the law of the game but Fergie lies about not agreeing with the decision and even lies after seeing the replays that Cisse was holding J Evans arm!!!! Then to spend the rest of the game moaning and harranging the Linesman and other Officials. If Man U had lost or dropped 2 points, i think Fergie would have cried all through the interview because his team lost after having the rules blatently and cruely used 'correctly' against them...............Man U fans wonder why neutral fans dislike Man U so much..............Fergie.......THAT'S WHY

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    • Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa..

      .lost again geordie girl..!

    • " .Man U fans wonder why neutral fans dislike Man U so much..............Fergie.......THAT'S WHY " We don't care if ABUs, or ABUs and racists like you woy , hate us.

    • I thought that Cisse was in an offside position and influencing play when the ball was played forward. Have the rules of the game changed enough that it is now correct for play to continue in that situation?

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      • To paraphrase Shanks, if he's not influencing play what is he doing on the pitch?

        But yes, they do seem to have changed. It is now very rare for offside to be given when the incorrectly positioned player doesn't touch the ball.

        (And I can think of three occasions in the last three league matches between a certain two teams when a goal was given when the incorrectly positioned player did touch the ball. Funnily enough, Fergie was all sweetness and light on those occasions.)


    • Cisse was holding Evans' arm, if you missed that you're blind, if he wasn't there Evans wouldn't have had to clear the ball, so he was obviously interfering with play.

      That was one of the most outrageous decisions ever, the linesman got it right, the ref, who had a terrible game, got it wrong.

      And you only come here when you've got something negative to say about the team, the manager, or the supporters ... which makes you the sort of cunt we love taking the piss out of!

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      • Oh do shut up you biased p rick!

        Evans was clinging onto Cisse because he was outpaced.

        Nobody forced Evans to shin the ball into his own net, if he'd knocked it wide of the goal you'd all be saying what a great interception it was and forgetting about offsides.

        Evans scored an own goal and it was correct to give it.

        Strange how Fabricio Coloccini was deliberately fouled seconds before Man U scored their winner, funny how Fergie and every Man U fan failed to see that one, you should all be thanking the referee for gifting Man U another 3 points.

        Same old Man U, always cheating!

    • Yes Robert.................mad as it may sound, he is trying to say that being fouled in the penalty area does mean he was interfering with play and the goal should be disallowed.

      I understand why you needed clarification on his point.................It seemed stupid, because it is.

    • Interfering with play means the player is affecting play, if he is in a push/pull situation with another player then it stands to reason he is affecting the play.

      Cisse had hold of Evans, so your point is moot anyway, he was clearly offside, and clearly affecting play .... who was Evans trying to clear the ball from if not Cisse?

      As I said before kipper, you ONLY come on here to act the cunt, you never have anything worth saying, and you always run down the team, the manager, or the supporters, or all three.

      You're an arsehole, end of!

    • Its clear that Fergie intimidates refs.
      They are only trying to keep the game going within the rules but he abuses his position by always mouthing off. He should be banned or forced to sit in the touchline with a some black tape or over his mouth or a potato sack stuffed in it.

    • "Dean is said to have felt the Scot’s questioning of his decision constituted a ‘reasonable and rational discussion’ and did not report him because he did not feel there was abusive language or any questioning of his integrity."

      Stick that up your arse slayer!