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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Dec 28, 2012 09:56 Flag

    SAF, no case to answer!

    "Dean has told Riley, the general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO), that Ferguson held a “reasonable and rational” conversation with him, expressing his discontent at the decision to allow the controversial own-goal by Jonny Evans.

    Riley was informed the United manager did not use foul or abusive language, nor did Dean feel his integrity was questioned during their conversation – the crux as to why no further scrutiny will be necessary."

    What a pity for the ABUs!

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    • Layla > want to aply that to me, lets face it i have not hidden that my scottish team is ICT and terry Butcher is doing an amazing job at the moment, but no way would I deny that its a tiny club and it would take a minor miracle for us to win a a trophy of any sort although we have progressed a long way on a couple of occassions. United is my big love but face fact layla there big clubs and smaller clubs and then clubs like UTD REAL LIVERPOOL and others that up beyond big and Newcastle is one of those that unles HEAVILY invested in are not even a big club. I could go on about their fans but i know more than a couplke of good ones, City one day if their sheiks stay faithful will be a big club maybe more but at the moment the majority of their fans have small club mentality and inferiority complexes

    • Calm down layla, keep your plastic knickers on

    • "Calm down ABUs, Tottenham H is a wee club as well, as is Francenal"

      talk about making even more clearer u are a glory supporter!

      sounds like u would be ashamed to support a small club!

      all the glory supporters been exposed. good to see!

      I can see how u just picked a so called big club to support!
      u would be too ashamed to pick a small club.

    • Calm down ABUs, Tottenham H is a wee club as well, as is Francenal

    • You really should'nt try to joke about your dreadful English but actually work on improving it. Then we may at least be able to read and understand you.

    • "it's OK with you that Pardew shoots his mouth off and criticises SAF, but heaven help SAF if he replies!"

      this is why I usually don't bother replying to u.

      1- where did I say its ok for pardrew to criticise SAF?!!!!!
      u making up lies as always!!!!

      2-how can u not see the difference between replying to pardrew. & being disrespectful to Newcastle Utd Football Club?!!

      il leave u to defend anything fergie does & make yourself look more & more of an idiot!

    • great defence! pardrew did it too! & im the pathetic one.

      your as childish as fergie!