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  • Alan C Alan C Dec 29, 2012 07:50 Flag

    SAF, no case to answer!

    Layla > want to aply that to me, lets face it i have not hidden that my scottish team is ICT and terry Butcher is doing an amazing job at the moment, but no way would I deny that its a tiny club and it would take a minor miracle for us to win a a trophy of any sort although we have progressed a long way on a couple of occassions. United is my big love but face fact layla there big clubs and smaller clubs and then clubs like UTD REAL LIVERPOOL and others that up beyond big and Newcastle is one of those that unles HEAVILY invested in are not even a big club. I could go on about their fans but i know more than a couplke of good ones, City one day if their sheiks stay faithful will be a big club maybe more but at the moment the majority of their fans have small club mentality and inferiority complexes