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  • Roy F Roy F Dec 29, 2012 07:12 Flag

    fergie- newcastle a wee club in N-E

    Pathetic, just pathetic.

    There's bigging up your club and there is blind foolish stupidity.

    And Man U fans that back Fergie with ANY part of this is a blinkered fool.

    He was out of order with his constant harranging of officials. The reason he wasn't reported is because they wanted no part of the sh1t storm that would follow. He's a foul mouthed bugger and has been since he took up management in Scotland.............That is a fact.

    Pardew was honest and never tried to be whiter than white. He said that Fergie should be punished just as he was punished himself...............Wenger said the same. So Fergie should calm down and stop gobbing off like an old fool!

    To top it all Fergie isn't even right about the goal being allowed. The rules are clear and by those rules the goal 100% should stand. There was very little contact of any sort by Evans or Cisse, but what contact there was, was Evans on Cisse and no the other way round. ALL the football pundits and experts agree. The MOTD team who know more about football than any of us ALL agree the foul if it was a foul was Evan's and the goal is legal.

    Fergie just shows what a scumbag he is by resorting to childish taunts to show up Newcastle and Pardew.

    But i expect nothing less from Rikk and others. People mimick their role models....................If your role model is Fergie, then it's obvious they woud also act like arrogant, petulant, arseholes who think they can garner support and gain advantages by bullying!!!

    Well support.....NO. The world hates Man U because of this man

    Advantage...YES. Sad to say a few titles have come Man U's way via Ref's being worried about treating Man U equally.

    The outcome of Ref and FA weakness in this matter is that it allowed this arrogant beast to become as powerfull as he is. Every time they fail to act or treat Man U more leniantly than other clubs on and off the pitch, he grows more and more vile by the day!

    The Man U fans i work with love their club and their success, just as they should...............but to a Man, they are ashamed of Fergie

    PS. Who posted the racist comment about Friedal!!!