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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Dec 30, 2012 09:39 Flag

    Rikks countdown: 1 day 38 hrs 2329 mins

    Remember this, slayer??

    This is just ONE of your racist posts.

    "here comes the boards laurel & hardy
    characters, lol.
    havent you got it yet niggers?
    gooners dont give a toss
    about your vendetta against
    slayer you thickos, lol

    you failed miserably with
    www.slayer-free-zone.com/ nigger,
    what makes you think this latest
    crude attempt wont fail losers?

    seriously, i will give it a rest if i were
    you. slayer = a born winner, fact.
    you ought to know by now that
    he's too good for the pair of you
    thickos. i rest my case! lol."

    That sums you up slayer, that and the fact that you deny it .... gutless!