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  • Roy F Roy F Jan 1, 2013 09:21 Flag

    I don't buy it BUT

    It would be good to see Ronaldo back in the Prem but why on earth would he come back?

    Man U are a massive club but he has been there and done that. He wanted to go to Madrid for a dream move and it turned out to be a dream move indeed. If Messi wasn't around Ronaldo would be the best player on the planet by far......................I see no reason beyond wishfull thinking why he would even consider returning.

    If Man U want to splash the cash, they could entice any number of top players to the club.................Ronaldo isn't one of them.

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    • Woy > not that it will come to anything, however the grass isn't always as green as you expect and perhaps Christiano feels he's done his childhood dream now, or maybe he feels that being king of the EPL is better than being prince of the Spanish League or that being one of Utds greatest legends makes him a real Legend for ever. Again I don't see it happening (it would hit Real's coffers too much) but there are a couple of reasons why he may want to come back, whether he feels that way only he knows