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  • jim w jim w Jan 7, 2013 13:01 Flag

    Messi versus Ronaldo

    Opta produced some interesting stats before tonights award.
    Everyone knows about Messi's goals scored, so overall he looks far superior. But how many of those goals are scored in La Liga matches where the opposition has already rolled over to get its tummy tickled?
    In the Champions League the stats are very similar. Same number of goals scored etc. As this is the 'elite' competition with supposedly superior opposition, the decision looks anything like clear cut.

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    • Just to come back to the Best v Messi comparison.

      I've been lucky enough to see both and fantastic players they are/were.

      Given that GB played his last really top games in 1973 and Messi plays in the 21st Century, I think the game (fitness levels etc) is so different that it is almost impossible to make a reasonable comparison.

      Having said that, they were both the top player in their era, IMHO (and with Pele, who was also fantastic, a contemporary of GB, that is praise indeed.)

    • my answer is bugger the awards sign em both

    • Ah. I hadn't thought of that. Because Jim ("I never insult people without being insulted first") asserts he's had a player in his team better any player in my team, that makes him more intelligent than me.

      Yes. Must be so.


    • Robert you are entitled to your opinion.
      Chelsea have never had a player in their ranks remotely as good as George so I understand how difficult it is for you to make comparisons.

    • Doesn't your justified admiration for Best make unjustified your claim that Messi has to win a world cup? Just as it is a fair point that Messi has Barca to help him, surely he can't be expected to win the world cup by himself.

      Pele was in a great Brazilian team that won three world cups. Cruyff was in a great Dutch team that should have won at least one world cup. IIRC Maradona was of course the star in the 1986 world cup, in a poor year (and with God on his side) but argentina had won the thing just eight years before without him. The team wasn't that bad.

      My view is that Messi is the best player I have ever seen, including those four and Ronaldo. And he still hasn't scored against Chelsea.


    • Hiya Jim,

      Judging by the pure Opta stats you provided, Messi would deserve the Ballon d'Or award tonight in fairness to him since both players have similar goalscoring record in Europe but Ronaldo's La Liga stats is inferior.

      It's just like an interview for a job where one candidate brings more to the table than his rivals, in an ideal world the best candidate for the position should always be employed.

    • So why didn't Ronaldo score more goals when teams 'rolled over' as they also did to Madrid?

      It's not close individually at all. On a collective level, Ronaldo's teams were more successful so on that basis he should win. Individually, Messi hands down. I don't buy the 'more rounded player argument' either concerning Ronaldo either. That certainly doesn't make him a 'better' player.