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  • Alan C Alan C Jan 9, 2013 13:18 Flag

    fantasy land

    Messi RVP CR7
    Fabio Rooney Rafael
    Evans Vidic Smalling Jones
    De Gea

    have a play with this and please do rearrange it to your hearts content but please no "NO" responses but "that won't work because" is much better but remember IF we have that front Diamond it would have cost the earth and getting a flash midfield would be beyond our purses lets have an exercise in what we would do, rather than just saying this or that player is rubbish. yes its fantasy football team time but things are a little sad at the moment lets have some fun

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    • Mmmmmmmmm.......LSD!

    • None are so hopeless enslaved than those who think they are free.
      Keep believing what they tell you neil, if it helps you sleep at night.
      Last word? Lol

    • I was a season ticket holder at OT for 10 years thanks. Had to give it up in the early noughties due to getting married, having a mortgage and having children.

      Please stop wasting your time thinking up examples of when 3 at the back hasn't worked.

      When did I say I like 3 at the back? If you remember FROM THE SUBJECT, the point of this topic is 'fantasy', plus I already stated that I was using a formation to fit the players Alan picked after he mentioned wing backs. To use wing-backs, I think it's wise to have 3 central defenders unless you are brave, like Fergie and happy to adopt one deep-lying midfielder (Carrick) to add protection to the back 2 whilst Rafael and Evra go on an attacking run and leave large gaps in defence.

      I've said enough. When's X-Factor on and when's that governmental mind-control program on? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra). I need dumbing down a bit more.

    • Lol. I remember us beating chelsea at stamford bridge 5-3. I was there, you obviously werent.
      Gullit tried 3 at the back and went 5 down very quickly, and got 3 back when he changed to 4-4-2. After the game Fergie said he knew when he saw the line up they were going to get smashed.
      You just got schooled Neil, let me know when youve watched a game.

    • ICJ, it's great you call me a kid, at 36!

      Suddenly you know me. What a star you are! And to bring in all those examples shows a man/boy desperate for attention and credibility. You wont get either from me aside from the pointless minutes I already have given you.

      I'm taking my warped mind out of here. Oh how could I think up a 3 at the back formation and think it'd work. How can I live with myself? Boo hoo.

    • Looking back at my formation, I see the text formatting was lost.

      It should have been formatted to show 3 at the back, 4 in midfield (Rafael, Carrick, Rooney, Fabio) and 3 in attack.

    • Lol You can watch a lot of things and still know nothing.
      You can watch your government screw you for years and not know a thing about politics.
      You can watch movies and know nothing about directing.
      Take comfort in the fact youve spent years watching football and yet think your warped formation with 3 centre backs (not used by anyone successfully) would work.
      Theres nothing more delusional than those kids who go on x-factor and genuinely think they can sing, sounding more like strangled cats. You, Im afraid to say, are one of those kids! It would be funny if it wasnt such a common state of affairs these days.

    • "Lol. You know nothing about football, clearly, given that formation."

      Yeah, you're right. I know nothing. I'll carry on deluding myself that I've gained no knowledge through watching alot of football over the years and taken a keen interest in latest tactical/formation trends.

      But saying that, my formation, as mentioned was based on Alan's team selection and I was merely trying to fit the twins and his 'wing-back' suggestion into the equation. 3-4-3 is unwise and not really adopted around the world, but who is to say this or a 3-5-2 wont become more common in the future?

    • I understand your front 3 but in a fantasy team who would choose Fabio and Rafael.
      I would say forget messi, move Rooney to thaat position and use the money saved on messi and replace Evans, Fabio and Rafael.
      Having messi RVP and Ronaldo up front would be alot of egos

      • 2 Replies to Clive
      • thanks for that Clive lets deal with the ego problem as you see it I don't believe there would be an ego problem as RVP has already shown he's professional enough not to be greedy with the ball Messi also seems professional enough to get past that and I think Roanaldo although keen hogging the ball a little, I think he would get past that. But it is a matter of opinion the trickier bit would be getting someone to have enough vision and ability to shoose the right strings to pull which is why Wazza is behind the 3. There a few reasons for choosing Rafa and Fabio (don't forget theres a squad to fine tune the midfield) but 1 there's cost I don't think the purse strings would ever be that loose.
        2 is we go on about having bite in midfield so instead of the holding one midfielder share the irresponsibility between 2 very very attacking defenders who both can pass, tackle, and cross not to mention dribble a bit too, For all I know they could develop into very good mid fielders they certainly have the skill set, ( yes its thinking out of the box but not impossible. I am not too sure I would be so ready to disregard Evans I have a suspicion we just need a coach, better at organising defences, however Clive lets get into this properly and suggest someone to replace Evans with the reduced kitty because of the forward fire-power costs bearing in mind that even if you take Messi out of the equation and push Rooney into that place you then have to put someone into Rooneys central position (Cleverley may one day grow to that responsibility but I don't think he's there yet but a good understudy) So if you if you have a replacement in mind please share because then we'll be able to see the shape of what you propose

      • To me, we have enough of a 'fantasy' forward line at the moment.

        We need a fantasy defence and midfield more. Kind of what Clive has said.

    • Hmmmmm.......seems you've been left to 'jolly' all on your own Alan.

      You're just too crazy you old fox you!

      Whilst admittedly cruel, one must admit, one finds that rather AMUSING.

      Much love!