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  • Inter city Inter city Jan 10, 2013 13:21 Flag

    fantasy land

    Clive writes some absolute tosh, he really does. RVP ego?? You can tell hes never even been to a game. Fabio and Rafael could become world class wing backs, rafael is almost there already. Only a fool underestimates the impact of wide lay.

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    • "Only a fool underestimates the impact of wide lay. [sic]"

      Yes but in Alan's lineup, he shows four defenders aside from Rafael and Fabio.

      Now if he listed 3 central defenders, the twins and one extra midfielder (ie a deep-lying one), then I'd perhaps agree to include the twins as 'wing-backs.' But he didn't and suggested they'd be 2 of the 3 midfielders which would be very weak indeed. I'd suggest:

      de Gea

      Smalling Vidic Evans


      Rafael Fabio


      RVP Messi Ronaldo

      ...if including the almost same players as Alan.

      With this, Smalling could cover the full back/right midfield area when Rafael pushes in or up field. And Fabio drops back to left full back when Rooney or Ronaldo are providing cover in left midfield.

    • Everyone knows that after speaking to Blackburn's Global Advisor Shebby Singh, Messi, CR7, Beckham etc will end up at Ewood Park.