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  • Clive Clive Jan 11, 2013 20:30 Flag

    Utd v Liverpool game

    Shame Rooney is not fit, but Nani is back, hopefully with a new hunger to show what he can do, to either stay or advertise himself.

    Should be RVP and Chico up front, they have done together, so hopefully that continues

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    • Didnt Scholes also play that role in games, getting the ball from deep and passing it forwards?
      But the issue has always been does carrick in that deeper role make our midfield anymore solid, the answer is no, and that is part of what is needed from that role

    • Well, I wasn't specifically talking about him being a defensive player. The general definition of a holding midfielder seems to be one who receives the ball and distributes it, and Carrick plays that role excellently, in large part because of his passing ability.

      I always viewed him as playing in that position in front of the defence in order to fulfill that role, rather than being an extra defender.

    • I agree with those points. Apart from when he's been required to play out of position (which he's done, as you said, with an admirable lack of complaint), I don't think he's been played in a holding or defensive role.

      I also think his personal qualities have always been good. He's been a consumate professional from the moment he arrived at the club.

    • Wise one, I find that post quite funny, as we were talking about Carrick as a defensive/holding player and you offer nothing to support that idea, but back up what I said about him being a good passer

    • This site lets you compare some pretty relevant stats for Carrick and other players:


      We see that Carrick has an average (presumably mean) pass accuracy of 88% over an average distance of 19m.

      This compares with Fabregas with the same accuracy, but over the shorter average 15m distance, Iniesta with the higher accuracy of 89% but over the even shorter 13m, and Xavi with the higher 94% accuracy but again shorter 16m.

      Does this show that any one player is the "best passer"? I don't know. I think it shows that it's more complex than that, but that Carrick's performances put him on a par with those guys.

    • Scumbag Deeprick, have you compared the pass rate of Carrick with Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas (who dives well) etc, etc, etc ? Check it out on wikipedia and let me know . Why aren't you on the Arsenal board , ahead of the City game ?

    • "I remember you calling me an idiot "

      scumbag Ian, he called you an 'idiot' (many people including Man U fans on here have also accused you of being idiotic btw) because you foolishly said that 'Carrick is the BEST passer of the ball in Europe', surely that can't be true when we still have the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, etc,etc, around who are all better passers of the ball than Carrick.

    • I remember you calling me an idiot , for backing Carrick clive. I've been called many things for supporting Carrick. I don't think you ever backed me up. Carrick is a good player

    • Wise one, I have always backed Carrick as a decent enough player, but not as a holding/defensive midfielder, he has never played that role before at other clubs, because he does not have that defensive mindset or skills, his tackling, positional play, strengh, etc, is not what you expect from such a player, but he has never claimed to be that type of player, Fergie put him there and he has coped as well as he could have.
      As an all round central midfielder he has always been good, a good passer, can create chances and score a few goals.
      Plus as said earlier, he is loyal, does not complain about the role he has been given or the ages he thinks he should be given, or when not picked to play for a while, so a good example to the young players.

    • And I think you mean you have got shit in your eyes, and your eyes are always closed.

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