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  • LMFAO LMFAO Jan 13, 2013 12:59 Flag

    Look at all the Man U plastics on here...


    It's so good to see many of these so-called 'real Man U fans' posting nonsense on this discussion board rather than actually buying themselves a ticket and being at Old Trafford for the match against LFC.

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    • Hahahaha Look at you posting away on a saturday night...as per usual.

      You've really wasted your time as I don't usually bother myself to read any of the nonsense you post.

      You're wasting your time and effort and I'm always laughing at you!

      Here fishy, fishy, fishy! LMFAO

    • Hahahaha what a bite!

      Who said I'd even read your posts?

      Watching others rip you a new one is hilarious enough, I don't even have to bother!

      Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

    • So, jokes about my skin tone and my mum? You're losing it, mate. Seriously, you sound so wound up, you're actually unhinged.

    • Is the - Abu translator claiming to be a doctor?

      Hilarious stuff, have you noticed all these Man U fans are something 'special' on here.

      Most of them would be lucky would be lucky if they had a job collecting trolleys from their local ASDA.

      I have a job going at the moment, P/T driver - 25 hours a week contract renewable monthly contract + expenses - 24 Euro per hour, no Man U supporters welcome though.

      All ethnicities welcome to apply.


    • "shithead "
      "your not good enough"
      "you,ll be to fucking old"
      "go and play with your mum on that DFS sofa"

      "Hmm, you sound pretty wound up to me"

      It's like I keep saying, you're the one with difficulties understanding the English language, but as I've always said...

      "a dog born in a stable isn't a horse"

      Or are you more a Tesco burger? Hehehehehehe

    • I think you need to see a doctor ASAP - Abu Translator.

      Coming from someone who holds an official doctorate, may I kindly suggest that you seek specialist help ASAP.

    • "shithead "
      "your not good enough"
      "you,ll be to fucking old"
      "go and play with your mum on that DFS sofa"

      Hmm, you sound pretty wound up to me. Just saying. I mean, you never even came out with language like that while you were lying about Jimmy murphy and the bungs.

    • says a newcastle united supporter who has spent 7 years of her life on here and has posted more than anybody else

    • Fabs & Sandgrounder, do either of you read the abutranslators' posts?

      Personally I've never bothered after the first couple of stupid messages were posted ages ago.

      What does highly amuse me is when "Maltezer Head" normally calls upon the services of the abutranslator, then there's suddenly a post off 'it' within a matter of minutes!

      Hahahaha that kind of narrows it down to which certain sad individual is sat there watching this forum like a hawk 24/7 and then logging in upon request!

      Highlighting what a bunch of knobheads these Man U fans are, it's all part of the service!


    • seens to me that it's you that's obsessed flabbygasbag otherwise you'd go back to your own board instead of spending all your waking hours here

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