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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 13, 2013 15:48 Flag

    Where was our midfield .....

    actually I think the midfield did a good job in both halves, especially in helping keep Suarez quiet. If liverpool hadn`t scored it might have been a different but once that ball went in to utd`s net it was important for the midfield to help plug any gaps at the back that Sturridge and in particular Suarez could exploit.

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    • Sturridge and Suarez, doesnt get any more over rated than those two.
      Sturridge was wild just as he was for chelsea and all suarez does is get his head down and run forward twisting left and right. Our defenders had the measure of him all game as they always do.
      Johnson should of been sent off but really the game should of been over by half time, at least 3-0.
      Easy 3 points.
      Conceded very sloppy goal.
      Carrick and welbeck were fantastic, apart from dannys finishing!
      We have the two best full backs in the league.