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  • I know the title race still has a long way to go, but I think this key fixture could go a long way toward determining the eventual winner especially if City manage to cut down Man U's lead to just 4 points tomorrow. City are at home to a Fulham side who don't travel well and most pundits would expect a comfortable home win for the host.

    What are your predictions and thoughts on both fixtures lads?

    ps, here's hoping that the boards numpties don't hijack this thread and turn it into an insulting juvenile point-scoring match. Lets keep it football-related for once.

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    • United dropped 11 points from their first 22 games. If they keep up that pace they will drop another 8 points from 16 matches and equal Chelsea's record of points scored in a season. They will win the league unless city win every match from here on, and win it by a mile unless City do just extremely well. In this context, there isn't a match that can be said to be a "key" match. Each match is just three points or not.

      Of course, United may not keep up that pace. It's a tough ask.

      Is Chelsea v Arsenal a key match? Why would it be when both teams are dropping points like crazy to anyone and everyone.


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      • "Is Chelsea v Arsenal a key match? " ???

        Good question Rob. For the first time in a long time, I'm indifference to the Chelsea v Arsenal match. Given the quality of players both sides possess, they should be right in the mix challenging at this stage of the season. Both have underachieved their true potentials this season.

        I catch your drift about the maximum points available per game, I was more or less looking at the knock-on effect on Man U's failure to win at WHL tomorrow. As we saw last season, it could lead to a wobble for them again. I don't think anyone would be able to match Chelsea's record of points accummulated in a season as many of the lesser sides have improved, and the top sides have regressed.

    • As predicted, a very comfortable home win for the Citizens. The final scoreline flattered Fulham in the end, it could've been more than 2-0 if City were clinical in the final third. Always a good sign for a title contender to win their early game which piles huge pressure on the other contender(s). One down, one to go.... Spurs v Man U.

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    • "Lets keep it football-related for once."

      No, let's not, slayer, let's do what you do to other people's threads, let's deliberately change the subject, insult people, and generally fuck it up!

      Remember the 'penalty' thread you went out of your way to stuff up?

      Tell us when and how you came to pretend to support Arsenal, slayer?