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    Larry White

    Interesting to note that the only current or ex-British Isles operating manager at the recent Managers forum chaired by 'Sir' was our old friend from France. ( neither Madrid or ex-Barca were present despite press rumors).
    However the figure lurking on 'Sirs' shoulder in the photos was another Glaswegian albeit from 'posh' Bearsden rather than Govan. No 'Mr Russian mafia-man' he is not for you!

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    • With regards to Mourinho, I actually think the so-called defensive nature of his teams are overplayed. In fact I think his footballing philosophy overall, is very similar to Fergie's philosophy today - counterattack, and basically win at all costs, whether pretty or ugly. He would fit in easily in a footballing sense. It's just the other crap which goes with him which isn't ideal. I don't completely rule out Guardiola post Bayern either. Klopp? Even Laudrup - the name does achieve immediate respect in itself.

    • What you've said re. Moyes are exactly my worries. His team is solid and 'consistent', but there is always the nagging thought that when they do get the opportunity to make a breakthrough, they'll end up being loveable hardworking and 'plucky' losers. I do like part of his footballing philosophy - especially the way he uses his full backs so aggressively which I think is pretty unique in the league. It's a shame Baines isn't a few years younger, or Coleman wasn't a left back! I really rate both of them - I've changed my opinion on the former. I had thought he was a bit overrated, but on further viewing, he looks a far better pure footballer than Cole ever has been, while his defending seems to be improving.

    • Is anyone? Given a long enough time span faults in everyone are visible. The big question over Moyes is, is he a 'winner'? So far he can hide behind Everton's lack of financial clout, but if there is a weakness its possibly timidity when confronted with real opportunity.
      He exhibits all the other positive values I think United would look for, ironically the other 'front runner' has no problem with 'winning', its just all the rest that is in question.
      Lets face it, whoever it is will be a 'risk' of one sort or another.

    • Good enough, you think? I'm always shifting my opinion on him.

    • Thank you Stefan for reminding me of that. So he is 'available' , wonder why he hasn't taken another job?
      Personally I think the successor is more likely to be the guy from down the East Lancs Rd. They talk the same language, literally.

    • He's no longer manager of France - resigned after the Euro's with Deschamps replacing him.

      He also contributed to the continued mental midgetry of the French team, although I guess he would not have that problem with the players here as they aren't (all) egomaniacs. I just can't see it being him, despite him being mentioned in the past. We'll see - I guess he is 'due' a big club job at some point.

    • He's French!
      If you know anything about the French you would know that they would never, ever countenance their national manager being part-time with being a no2 at an English club. It would be viewed as a national slight and disgrace.
      I think our Dutch-man is really the no2.

    • My thinking is that we get rid of Phelan. And a national coach can be part time anyway.

    • There can be no 'end game' until Fergie retires. Until then he remains one of the front runners. Far better he continues his experience being French national manager than being frustrated as a no2.

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