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  • Gene Hunt Gene Hunt Jan 22, 2013 20:34 Flag

    SAF, Evra and the snowballs

    Slurguson's comments on the incident at White Hart Lane where Patrice Evra was bullseyed with a snowball off a Spurs supporter:

    "The snowballs attack on Patrice Evra, it's ridiculous. The boy is lucky to be alive"

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    • where did you say you lived Layla? sure you;ve seen plenty of weapons there Layla and we're not just talking guns

    • I'm sure you stay safe at home on November 5th too: layla.

    • tell u what guys. im scared to leave the house.
      there some kids having a snowball fight.

      its just a matter of time before there are drive by snowballs.

      starts at snowballs & before u know it, AK47.

      we should start by doing snowball stop & search.

      10 years in prison for carrying a snowball.

      what about an amnesty. everyone hand in their snowballs & u will not be arrested.

    • Wow, so you've got time to post that pearl. Anything to say about your discredited claims that Fergie's success is purely down to money and luck?

    • The incidents of dangerous objects being maliciously thrown from the crowd on matchday are rare today.

      I believe it has something to do with CCTV!

      Perhaps you should sort out some CCTV Alan, and put an end to your horrific personal experiances, every time it snows in Alan land.


    • ok Robert just how difficult would it for someone to go into a ground with a few larger ball bearings in their pockets? and with the greater accuracy than coins and the ability to put something larger into a snowball, do you see the potential, If you had seen some construction health and safety films you might actually understand the danger involved, but then how many police or security would be made to watch them or be aware is another matter. but the idea of snow on the stands surprises me in the claim culture we live in, given the potential for accidents. please don't tell me that fans can't be that malicious given that darts were thrown in days gone bye and I repeat my comments are not just from a utd point of view but across all clubs and player safety

    • You have a point but I would think it is less than likely there is malice involved. Before it became a capital crime, throwing things at matches was generally a bit of fun, whether it was bog-rolls (generally unused) or celery. Nowadays the po-faced securiati act as if every fan is on a mission to blow up the stadium. Who decided it was necessary to prevent fans entering stadiums with bottle-tops on their bottles FFS? And did they not consider that anyone genuinely wanting to cause trouble might not have a spare bottle top in their pocket?


    • I'm not against throwing snowballs at all but when it's football fans throwing them at a player it takes on a different context because there's more than likely malice involved.

      It is easy to make a snowball into a lump of ice or hide something hard in the snowball.

    • Don't be silly Eric. There are missiles and missiles, aren't there. I'm quite happy for my children to go out and throw snowballs at each other. I wouldn't be happy for them to be throwing coins at each other. The snowball throwing at WHL seemed a bit of harmless fun. Even Evra thought so, didn't he?

      At Chelsea you now get a life ban if caught throwing celery.


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