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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2013 20:16 Flag

    PR disaster for chelsea?

    Robert you`re spot on about the 6 seconds - for whatever reason its a rule that is seldom enforced these days. Hopefully one of the things that will come out of this incident is that the authorities will look at ways of putting a stop to time wasting. Currently a player can get a yellow card if he waste too much time but unless he`s already on a yellow that doesn`t seem to act as a deterent. What is needed is something that really punishes time wasting and the obvious punishment is to award a time penalty - say 30 seconds or the first offence which increases by 10 seconds for each subsequent offence. I`m sure that if players thought that a couple of minutes could be added on if they wasted time they wouldn`t do it. And to avoid a losing team trying to gain an extra couple of minutes by time wasting their time penalty would work in reverse - the seconds taken off instead of added on.