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  • Alan C Alan C Jan 26, 2013 10:50 Flag

    Fergies weakness ???

    first of this definitely isn't a knock Fergie thread but maybe a try and understand some of his unaccountable purchases over the years,
    I was just watching mutv and one of the coached talking about Berba said the team evolved away from berba's style of football. Clang went the thought, that perhaps Fergie having a high regard for players abilities per haps bought square pegs to go into round holes believing that the players were good enough to adapt to the team style at the time ? I think Veron is a prime example of this. I just hope the Abus keep to their own malicious threads

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    • We're talking about Fergie's "unaccountable purchases over the years" and no mention of Bebe, Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Taibi, and Bellion, to list but a few.

      Are any of you guys old enough to still remember Richy Ricardo ?

    • When Fergie bought Veron, he was considered one of the best in the world, which he was. Berbatov is a very good player, so , on both counts Fergie made the correct decision.

    • I don`t think either Berbatov or Veron were unaccountable purchases. Its not unrealistic to think that a top player is capable of adapting nor is it a mistake to have players who enable you to change your style of play if necessary. One of the biggest critisims of Wenger over recent seasons is that he has had no plan B you can`t say that about SAF`s teams. If yoyu look at trhe current crop of strikers at utd each of them offers something slightly different and if you add in players like Kagawa opponents can never be quite sure what formation and tactics SAF is going to use. As for Veron, his problem was more to do with adapting to English football rather than adapting to a particular style of play which is why he also struggled to settle at chelsea. Not all transfers work out and every club can point to big buys which for whatever reason never quite worked out. At the end of the day despite Veron and Berbatov never fully delivering what SAF hoped they would deliver utd continued to win trophies whilst they were at the club so their presence didn`t have a negative impact on the club`s success. Indeed you could say the same about Torres, you could even argue that although he wasn`t personally responsible for chelsea`s CL success last season his very presence in the squad helped to regalvanise Drogba who played such a crucial role in their triumph.