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  • Given that you can name 7 subs and there is concern that not enough youngsters are being brought through from the various academies what about a rule that states that 2 of the 7 should be under 21 and that at least 1 of those must be homegrown. After all you can only play 3 of the 7 and the youngster would be getting the experience of being involved in the buildup to a 1st team game and who knows if things went very well and a team had a healthy lead they might even get on to the pitch. Take utd`s recent game against fulham, ok the likes of Smalling and Jones were involved but surely once the game was won wouldn`t it have been better for the future development of the team to have brought on someone like Powell rather than Scholes

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    • I agree with your sentiment of getting young players games, but I am not convinced sitting on a bench waiting to come on for 15-mins is the answer i think that would lead to them becoming stale. I have said mayeb too many times I would like to see the emerging and fringe talent to get proper competative games either up to championship level in the leagues (effectively 2nd team) or in a league at a level of say the SPL (I don't mean just 3 players in the team but a full reserve team )
      I think If certain elite teams in the EPL discussed it sensibly with the SFA guaranteeing a number of scots players The SFA could be persuaded

    • There are enough rules already and what happens if your squad doesn't have enough players, through, say, injuries, to satisfy your rule for a particular match?

      Fergie does seem unadventurous at times; he could have played inexperienced players before when the victory was ‘safe’. I’m sure there were times when Pogba could have been played when we were 3 or 4 up.