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  • stefan t stefan t Feb 2, 2013 17:34 Flag

    Moussa Sissoko

    From what I've heard this afternoon, he absolutely dominated Chelsea today and proved why Fergie was so interested in him 2-3 years ago. And that's irrespective of his 2 goals - his general play was reportedly excellent. He has all the attributes we need - can defend, run all day, but he plays incisive passes too and can score! Cost Newcastle only £2 million. This just proves that there are huge bargains in the January transfer window. If he was English, he would have cost £25 million. He would most certainly have improved our team right away. As would Mbiwa. No doubt we'll be linked with Sissoko in the coming months if he keeps this sort of form up. Shame we couldn't have got him in Jan.

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    • I do believe if you go back a year Stefan I was informing you of this guys talent!

      Can't believe a big club didn't snap him up, and sooner. Must be some incompetent scouts out there I think!

      Newcastle made some cracking signings, and Chelski, well they are every bit as rubbish now as you'd expect them to be under Mad Rafa, who truly is a buffoon!

      Now lets hope Southampton play against City like they did against us for the 2nd half in our recent meeting. If they do, they'll win.

    • Did he? He scored two goals but I didn't notice him dominating anything.

      But then I'm not an independent observer. I'm still wondering/fuming about Howard Webb not red carding Coloccini for kicking Demba Ba's head off, just before their first goal, or Cisse for trying to strangle Ashley Cole just before their second.

      Another crap result for Chelsea. Managers have been sacked for less.


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      • starring for a team in the bottom half of the table doesn`t automatically mean that a player would improve a team in the top 4. How many times have we seen players who have made a big impact at a mid-table team move to one where there are high expectations and fail. Some players simply can`t take the pressure. A good example is Charlie Adam - very little impact at rangers, big star at blackpool, very little impact at liverpool - why may not be a top 4 side but that doesn`t mean there is no pressure to deliver.